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Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, day 13 highlights: Kriti Verma, Roshmi Banik get evicted

Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, day 13 highlights: In Saturday’s episode, host Salman Khan lost his temper at Deepak while Tabu and Ayushmann Khurrana promoted their film, AndhaDhun. At the end, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik got evicted from the house.

By HT Correspondent | Sep 30, 2018 10:14 IST

Saturday’s action-packed episode of Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, featured guests Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu, who paid host Salman Khan a visit to promote their upcoming film, AndhaDhun. But besides a segment with the actors, the episode also saw Salman lose his temper on one of the contestants.

Deepak and Urvashi were summoned to the witness box to defend themselves against the accusations of the other contestants. When Deepak was accused of being double-faced, he began to panic. Several contestants told him that they were aware of his duplicitous behaviour where he butters up certain housemates and bad-mouths others. Deepak, in his defence, said that he was just being honest.

On Salman stating he should take the criticism in his stride, Urvashi spoke up is his defence. In another instance, Salman could be seen pulling up Deepak for interrupting him, but when Urvashi once again stood up for him, the Bollywood actor lost his cool and yelled at them.

Salman expressed his disappointment at how no one was willing to put themselves on the line and stand out among the crowd. He said that everyone is playing it safe this season. At the end of Saturday’s episode of Weekend ka Vaar, two contestants, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik were evicted.

Here are all the highlights of the happenings of day 13 from the Bigg Boss house.

10:30 pm IST

Kriti-Roshmi evicted

Kriti and Roshmi are asked to leave the house after getting the least amount of votes.


10:20 pm IST

Sreesanth loses temper again

When Romil is judged the biggest culprit of the week, he tells Sreesanth that he is from a middle class family and not a big shot like him. Sreesanth takes it to heart and loses his temper. He says he is a hardworking man who trained day and night and that’s why he played cricket for the country.

10:15 pm IST

Karanvir accused of being fake and selfish

Salman Khan lists accusations against Karanvir - he is selfish, manipulative, fake, believes in groupism and favouritism. Karanvir says that whoever thinks this about him is probably projecting their own insecurities. Roshmi thinks that Karanvir is political minded.

10 pm IST

Deepak weeps after Salman’s scolding

Contestants react differently to Deepak’s crying. Somi and Saba along with Anup show no sympathy while Shivashish, Sreesanth and Karanvir comfort him.

9:50 pm IST

It’s time for the ‘kathghara’

Anup and Jasleen are the first ones to be brought to the witness box to answer questions and defend themselves from the accusations against them. Salman asks Anup why he doesn’t take a stand at important moments. Anup provides examples and says that he does, indeed, take stands as and when required. Salman asks Karanvir if he is satisfied with Anup’s answer. Karanvir says that he isn’t.


Salman checks Deepak for butting into the matter. He advises Deepak to take it easy. Deepak and Urvashi are the next ones to be brought to the stand. Salman says that Deepak doesn’t contribute in household chores and Urvashi flares up later than needed. Salman also asks Deepak if it is true that he butters people up only to talk about them behind their backs.

Anup interjects and says that he thinks that Deepak has done a doctorate on Bigg Boss before entering the show. Somi and Saba give examples about Deepak’s duplicitous nature. Karanvir is surprised that Deepak has spoken ill about him.

Jasleen says that Deepak is not a team player and refuses to contribute beyond what is expected of him.

Deepak also rejects the accusation that he is trying to stay on good terms with the singles and the pairs only to save himself from the nominations.

9:40 pm IST

Salman Khan takes the contestants’ class

Salman asks the contestants to stand according to the ranks they’ve given each other. He is surprised why Dipika isn’t ranked at all. He says hes disappointed because he considers her as among the top three contestants. However, he thinks Karanvir doesn’t deserve his number four spot. Salman says that he isn’t going to change the rankings, but he says that everyone is clueless about the game and no one isn’t standing out. Bigg Boss airs on Colors, he says, why are you making it black and white.

9:30 pm IST

Contestants rank themselves based on who’s most entertaining

Deepak immediately picks himself as the most entertaining contestant based on what he’s heard. He also picks Urvashi, Many other contestants also pick Deepak and Urvashi. Somi and Saba are number 2 Anup and Jasleen are placed at number three.

9:15 pm IST

Ayushmann Khurrana enters the house with a challenge

Ayushmann Khurrana enters the house to promote his new film, AndhaDhun. He meets the contestants and presents them with a game. He wants to know which contestant is living without any identity of their own. The contestants pick names from among each other. Deepak picks Anup Jalota, with whom Ayushmann is most fascinated by. Others who are named are Jasleen and Sreesanth and Nirmal, who is names the most ‘andhadhund’ of the house.

9:05 pm IST

Salman Khan says that there will be a double eviction this week.

Salman Khan says that either one single and one pair or a pair. This week’s nominated contestants are Romil and Nirmal, Somi and Saba Khan, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik and Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar.