Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mom Rita gets emotional as she says Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment hurt and insulted her

Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother has posted a video in which she shares that she is hurt by Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment targeted at her son. ‘Are you not insecure about your baap?’, she asked Rahul.
Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mom Rita got emotional as she said she was hurt with Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment .
Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mom Rita got emotional as she said she was hurt with Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment .
Published on Oct 28, 2020 10:53 AM IST
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Singer Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother Rita Bhattacharya has posted a video on his Instagram page, responding to Rahul Vaidya’s comment that Jaan was on Bigg Boss 14 because of nepotism. During the nomination earlier this week, Rahul had claimed that he wanted to nominate Jaan because he hates nepotism. The comment attracted much hatred online as well as inside the house as everyone insisted Jaan has never taken advantage of being singer Kumar Sanu’s son.

Rita said in the video, “Mai Jaan Kumar Sanu ki maa Rita. I am very upset. Jaan has been in the (Bigg Boss) house for past three weeks. All the other contestants have also been there. Everything was going fine- tasks and everything. Now suddenly, Rahul Vaidya said ‘Jaan is a nepotism kid and I don’t like nepotism’. I must say Jaan is not a nepotism product, he has worked very hard. He wanted to become a singer with his own conviction and passion and it is because of his own hard work that he shares the Bigg Boss stage with Rahul.”

“If Rahul has a problem with nepotism, why did he not speak about it right on day one? Jaan was introduced as Kumar Sanu’s son, why didn’t Rahul say he had a problem with nepotism then? Everyone in the house is loving and supporting Jaan,why is Rahul feeling insecure? Not a single person supported Rahul and Jaan was the first one to support him but suddenly Rahul turned around to hit him. If he really hated nepotism, he would have quit the show saying I hate nepotism,” she added.


“Was Rahul simply waiting for a day when Jaan became a threat for him? He was quiet all the time when Jaan supported him. It is insulting that Rahul says nepotism for a man whose entire life is music. I must ask Rahul why no other contestant raised an objection against Jaan? None of them are nepo-kid. Because they are strong from the inside. I think Rahul is insecure. He should not have said such things. Both Rahul and Jaan have worked hard.”

She got emotional as she further said, “Not only you, the world respects Kumar Sanu. You are not insecure about your baap? Are you not insecure of people talking such things about your father? You are saying this because he is a good singer, like his dad he is a record-holder, world famous singer. I must also say that if Jaan were in Bigg Boss because of nepotism, it is very bad. The entire industry knows how much Jaan has worked hard and on his own. He could have crooned at least 23 songs - with his dad having sung 23,000 songs?”

“I am hurt that Rahul insulted a singer like Kumar Sanu. Please do not listen to him. I have two other sons who are equally good singers but, by profession, one is an engineer and another one is a designer. They are better singers than Rahul. If my kids worked on nepotism, they would have all followed singing as a profession. I am hurt that Rahul tried to insult my son and his hard work. I am thankful for all the people inside and outside the house who are supporting my son,” she added.

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In another violent incident during Monday’s episode, Jaan got angry when Rahul again named Kumar Sanu. “Teri aukat nahi hai, tu koi nahi (You are no one. You do not qualify to talk about my father).” Other contestants had to intervene in order to ensure that the duo did not get into a physical fight. Jaan yelled, “Mai 6 maheene ka tha jab separation hua mere parents ka, ye mere baap pe bolta hai (I was just six months old when my parents got separated).”

An angry Jaan was also seen shouting, “Mai idhar islye nahi hu ki Kumar Sanu ka beta hu mai isliye aya kyuki mai Rita Bhattacharya ka beta hoon (I am not here because I am the son of Kumar Sanu, I am here because I am the son of Rita Bhattacharya).”

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