Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 10: Geeta announces Amit as winner, Kaushal plays spoilsport

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 10: The housemates have to do tasks to win luxury budget for this week.

tv Updated: Jun 20, 2018 12:02 IST
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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 10: The housemates compete in a luxury budget task.

The Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house wakes up to the energetic number Habibi, which has the sleepy housemates up and about. The day begins with Kaushal and Babu Gogineni discussing game plans and why they are not safe this week. Kaushal seems to be contemplating his plan to stay in the game as he then speaks to Bhanu about the elimination in the house.

Then, we see the captain of the house, Samrat checks the washrooms. The cleaning team complains about personal toiletries left as is after use, wet clothes not spread out and other issues. He discusses these with housemates before welcoming Nandini to the Bigg Boss house.

Samrat, Tejaswi and Nandini bond over well made potato sabzi after which Bhanu and Tejaswi indulge in some PDA before the camera. Nandini is then seen recounting an incident where her drink was spiked and the resulting medical ailment. She also confesses that she fought aspergillosis and was scared that she would die. She explains how her father and mother supported her and why she still needs anxiety medication.

Bigg Boss sends the task for luxury budget which Keeriti announces.

Nutan becomes the king, Deepthi becomes the queen and Nandini is announced as the princess. They are assisted by Geeta and they will choose a team that would work for the princess. The other housemates become villagers and are asked to stay in huts set up outside of the house. Then two contestants come up to the activity house to compete in a task.

The task starts with Deepthi Sunaina and Ganesh who compete to give the most number of roses as they skate through a mud pit to the princess. Ganesh wins. Then come Tejaswi and Bhanu, who play a toned down version of Kushti and Bhanu wins.

Next re Amit and Kaushal who are asked to collect mud from the pit and put it in a bucket nearby without using hands. Kaushal fails to follow rules and Amit is announced as the winner by Geetha. However, Kaushal is not happy with this and asks what was wrong with the way he played the game. Other housemates, especially the captain, term him a spoilsport.

The game continues and Roll Rida and Keeriti come for their challenge, which Keeriti wins.

The show ends on a confusing note as housemates wonder what is up with Kaushal. The other housemates’ challenge will be telecast the next day. The nominees for elimination this week happens to be Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Deepthi Sunainaa, Nutan and Kaushal.

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First Published: Jun 20, 2018 12:01 IST