BIGG BOSS 6: I'm as normal as anyone here, says Imam Siddiqque

Imam was seen having a tiff with Salman Khan a few days ago. When asked about that, he admitted his mistake, but calrified: "I didn't have a tiff with him. I misbehaved with him...I have respect for him and I know him...
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UPDATED ON JAN 08, 2013 04:53 PM IST

Known for creating ruckus in the Bigg Boss 6 house, Imam Siddique on Thursday said he is honest and sincere and reacts when angry.

An image consultant in real life, Imam's outrageous behaviour forced Bigg Boss to evict him unceremoniously, but he later re-entered the show, but not much improvement has been noticed in his manners.

Imam, who destroyed things in the house and also threatened to strip, said: "I think I am an honest, sincere and humble person.... But yes, like everyone, I also have issues and react spontaneously when I am angry. I am as normal as anyone here."

He was speaking at a press interaction held inside the Bigg Boss 6 house on Thursday in Lonavala. Quite true to its tagline alag che (it's different), the producers allowed the inmates of the sixth se to interact with media during the show. It had never happened in the earlier five seasons.

Imam, who goes ballistic at the drop of a hat, was seen having a tiff with the show's anchor Salman Khan a few days back during the nomination proceedings. When asked about that, he admitted his mistake, but calrified: "I didn't have a tiff with him. I misbehaved with him...I have respect for him and I know him since the last 25 years. This is not the right time to talk about it."

In Wednesday's episode, Imam was kidnapped from the storeroom of the Bigg Boss 6 house and kept in a solitary confinement where his only connection to his housemates was a TV set that allowed him to see and hear what they feel about him.

Imam says this exercise helped him. "I was put there and this helped me get rid of all the misunderstandings. I got to know the reality and my eyes were opened," said Imam, who was seen behaving exactly how he is seen on the show - he was blowing kisses, being loud and posing in front of the camera to attract attention.

Other contestants were also very happy to see the media and welcomed all questions. The show started on Colors channel in October last year with 15 contestants. Currently model Niketan Madhok, one of the finalists, is inside the house along with Rajeev Paul, Urvashi Dholakia, Sana Khan, Delnaaz Irani, Sapna Bhavnani and Imam.

The finale will be held on January 12 and the winner will reportedly take home Rs 50 lakh.


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Imam Siddiqui begins the day wishing Sapna a happy new year and then goes on to nudge Sana Khan into wishing Happy New Year. Sapna shows gratitude towards Imam. Later in the day, Imam creates a ruckus over spilled food. He accidently spills some food Sapna had kept for herself. However, while cleaning the spilled food, Imam begins blaming Sapna for the spilled food saying it was kept at the wrong place.

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Actor Salman Khan jumped to the defence of his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan while having an argument with Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddique, recently. Apparently, Imam got into a heated argument with Salman, and said that he cast SRK for ad films that worked very well for him. To this Salman said: "Shah Rukh is in the industry because of his hard work and support of his fans... not because Imam cast him in an advertisement."

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After some time, when Sana wants to go and have a bath, Niketan tells her that he has kept some hot water for her and Rajev taunts Niketan that he has suddenly become too sweet towards Sana. He also makes fun of how Niketan would shoot with the gun on Rajev’s shoulder.

As the day passes, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the captain this week will be chosen basis a task and not just by votes. Bigg Boss also announces that Imam’s captaincy has come to an end and that he should shift his luggage out. Rajev tells everyone that he cannot share his bed with Imam. Post the captain task announcement, every contestant in the house is seen discussing captain nominations when Niketan gets a call from Bigg Boss which brings a twist. FULL COVERAGE

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