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Bride here, bride now!

Rahul Mahajan on his upcoming show on telly.

tv Updated: Sep 23, 2009 19:22 IST
Rachana Dubey

Rahul Mahajan on his upcoming show on telly.

You’ve taken the route Rakhi Sawant took recently. A tough proposition?
No, because she’s Rakhi and I’m Rahul. We’re different people and the shows are different too. She had plenty of respondents. I’m hoping I have some too.

Is that the reason for your weight gain and the ‘chikna’ look?
(Hah..aa..haah) I’m also learning horse riding and dancing besides a rigorous physical training schedule with Shahid Kapoor’s trainer Abbas. It’s important to look and feel healthy, specially when you’re on national television.

Why dancing lessons?
I have 44 left feet. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. If the girl knows how to dance, I should know as well. ‘Thoda thumka laga sakta hoon’, as and when needed.

Are you prepared for an unknown side of yours to be exposed on TV?
(Haah, haaha) There’s nothing left to hide from the media. I was raped of my privacy three years ago when my baba (Pramod Mahajan) died. The media didn’t let me be. Everything I did and every move I made was being watched. My private life became a source of public entertainment. Once raped, why would I be afraid of anything else that comes out on TV? People have seen what I’m all about on Bigg Boss 2 last year. I’m someone who can clean toilets without a frown.

Brilliant. So, will you use that trait to woo girls?
I’ll not reveal my tricks. My trade secret will be out in the open much before time. (Haah..haaah) And no one will tune in to my show.

What do you think is your sex appeal?
(Thinks) I didn’t know women only looked for sex appeal in men.

They do.
I thought I’d impress the girls by assuring them that I’m the best candidate to be the father of their children, the best husband and the man of their house. I’d like to be genuine and honest.

Anything else to woo them?
I’ll use my sense of humour. Life is too dry without it. It’s helped me sail through all adversities. It’ll help me sail through marriage also.

After a sour ending to your previous marriage, how confident are you about pulling off this one, given that you won’t even know the girl from before?
I know I’ll be able to assure her parents and her that my love marriage not working out does not mean that my marriage with someone else will not survive too. I’m scared because marriages are not about honeymoons. Yet, we place matrimonial ads.
TV has the biggest reach. So Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega is like my ad. In any case, it’s difficult to predict how two unknown people will get together to start a family. At times, they gel and other times they don’t.

I’m hoping that my second round of ‘saat pheras’ is pleasant. I’d like to have a honeymoon every year with the same girl.

Do you believe in destiny?
(Ha hahaah..) Why do you think my panditji is here? I believe in bhagya and I’d prefer to match ‘kundlis’ before getting married. It’s a kind of reassurance.

What did your mum and sister have to say about your decision to launch a bride search on TV?
Mum just said, “I don’t mind the caste, creed and ‘dharma’. But get me a nice ‘bahu’.” ‘Samjhdaar ko ishara kaafi hain’. My sister is busy. She’ll be contesting the forthcoming elections. I’ll be campaigning for her over the next month. I’m her dada, no?

Do you feel your father would have encouraged your TV show?
Life would have different if he had been alive. He wanted me to marry. Maybe he would have encouraged my move. I miss him. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that I want to have a daughter, feel her little fingers and her tiny head on my chest.

Lastly, do your ‘friends’ Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi stand a chance on the show?
They do. (Ha haaaha..haaah) Everyone is welcome.