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Dil mil.. pyaar vyaar

Gautam Hegde in a heart-to-heart with four heartthrobs of small screen.

tv Updated: Feb 14, 2009 15:20 IST
Gautam Hegde
Gautam Hegde
Hindustan Times

What has been your most memorable date?
Barkha Bisht:
Indraneil (Sengupta) took me out for dinner on my birthday last year. When we returned home, he went down on his knees, took out a ring and proposed.
Naman Shaw: Megha (Gupta) and I went out on Christmas Eve for dinner and drinks to Out of the Blue in Bandra. It was a magical evening.
Reshmi Ghosh: Amit (Kaushik) and I recently went for two back-to-back films, then dinner, a long drive and dot dot dot.. ha ha ha!
Vivan Bhathena: The date in Bangkok when I proposed to Nikhila (Palat).

The most unexpected gift from your partner?
Barkha: My boys — Neo (Labrador) and Mojo (Dalmatian).
Naman: This is going to be my first Valentine’s Day with Megha. So I’m expecting lots of gifts. Ha ha ha!
Reshmi: Amit is not romantic but he sends me flowers whenever I’m unwell.
Vivan: Nikhila knows I’m big on video games and it irritates because I’m always hooked on them. Still, she got me a Nintendo V.

What do you do when your partner is upset?
Barkha: Indraneil doesn’t get upset easily. But when he does, I cook him a nice non-vegetarian meal. It immediately brings a smile on his face.
Naman: Megha doesn’t get irritated much but when she does, I crack jokes and have her smiling in no time.
Reshmi: I tell Amit to take a deep breath and chant Om. And he starts laughing.
Vivan: I cuddle Nikhila. Surprisingly, she finds my anger funny.

Is there any habit of yours that your partner detests?
Barkha: Indraneil is very good with time management. But I’m never punctual.
Naman: I preach but don’t practice.
Reshmi: I don’t know what to say when.
Vivan: I’m really messy.. so is she. And neither of us want to change.
Complete this line: I fall in love with him/her every time..
Barkha: He smiles.
Naman: She smiles.. I love those dimples.
Reshmi: He sings a Bengali song for me.
Vivan: She supports and calms me down.

Do you exchange love letters?
Barkha: Indraneil has been shooting for a film so he has started sending e-mails now. And he is much more expressive in mails. It’s such a surprise that I sometimes wonder if it’s the same Indraneil.
Naman: It’s more of lovey-dovey SMSes for us. My handwriting is really bad.
Reshmi: He is too reserved to write. But I have written pages on him in a diary which I kept when I was travelling abroad.
Vivan: I’m really bad with love letters. Either I write nonsense or get mushy. But Nikhila once wrote me a book on 1000 reasons why she loves me. I have read just 300 so far. Someday I’m going to finish it.

Do you dig tattoos with your partner’s names?
Barkha: I have always wanted both of us to get tattoos done. But Indraneil is scared of needles. I might have to drop the plan.
Naman: We plan to ink our names but we want to do it at the right place. We didn’t have much time when we were in Goa last.. maybe next time.
Reshmi: I hate unnecessary physical pain. But I’m sure he will get one done.
Vivan: The panvati is that you get stuck with the name forever. One of my friends got a tattoo done and then broke up with his girl. He now intends to add “ a b*tch” to it.

What about heart-shaped balloons?
Barkha: I love them.. Neil gets plenty of them for me on my birthday. (Smiles) He has to hunt for them all over the city.
Naman: I am not filmy so I don’t like them much.
Reshmi: I love them. Amit picks them for me from Juhu beach and even from other people’s birthday parties.
Vivan: No, we aren’t that soppy. At the most it’s a romantic movie date for us. But candies, candles and balloons are a strict no-no.

Which TV industry couple do you find really adorable?
Barkha: Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar.
Naman: Hussein and Tina Kuwajerwala.. also Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan.
Reshmi: My Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi parents, Hiten and Gauri.
Vivan: Nikhila and me. Okay, I know she isn’t a TV star but I will get her on an interview on some channel some day.

When was the last time you said “I love you” to your partner?
Barkha: Just five minutes ago.. we say it all day.
Naman: We keep saying it privately. Once I was forced to say the three words on national television, in front of my mother. This was during Nach Baliye 4. I was so embarrassed!
Reshmi: Last night.
Vivan: I have to say it everyday, after I do something silly. The whole number — “You know na baby, I love you..” Ha ha ha.

First Published: Feb 14, 2009 15:13 IST