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Ekta wants 'Colors' in her life

Now that Colors has come close to Star as far as TRPs are concerned, a source stresses that Ekta, who would never approach a channel, has herself started discussions with the guys at Colors.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 09, 2009 08:15 PM IST

Sun re sakhi..
Kaleemera.. that’s good morning in Greek.. my exotic baklavas! Must say it’s pleasant here in Crete, far away from the choking pollution of apni Mumbai. After a day of chilling out in Athens yesterday, I’ll be at Egina today, a small island rarely visited by tourists. But a girl’s gotta work for her Retsina and caviar, so here’s I am with my your dose of daily gossip.

Since I’m feeling so sunny today, let me start the day on a positive note too. When my granny narrates starry gupshup from her time, I’m glad to tell her that aaj ki actresses too get along fabulously with each another.

I’m talking about Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty for whom the only rivalry that exists is between their IPL teams, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.. and that too on the field. And as far as personal equations go, PZ and SS are buddies.

Now, we all know that La Shetty is hosting a party for her IPL team on Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt.

I’m told that on an impulse, she sent the effervescent Zinta a text message inviting her for the bash, adding that it would be great if she would come.

And you know what? Zinta replied promptly, thanking her for the invitation. She wrote that she would have loved to be there but couldn’t make it since she was out of town and wouldn’t be returning soon.

However, I’ve been informed that she added that they would catch up once she got back. Aha, it sure does warm my heart to hear of such camaraderie in today’s dushman zamana. Wah, dosti ho to aise.. hai na?

Moody blues
God! I might go anywhere in the world but Madhu my Mottu Maid will chase me to the end of the earth and back. Nah, she hasn’t landed in Greece, thank god for small mercies, but she’s sent me a long message about Akshay Kumar giving Sanjay Dutt the moody blues.

She had gone for the wrap-up party of Blue at Renaissance Hotel on Friday night. When the media was given time for a sawaal-jawab round with the stars, one reporter asked Kylie Minogue who she thought was the hottest dude from among her co-stars in the movie.

And without a second’s thought, the Australian star asked Akki to stand up.. which he did in all modesty. Mots claims that Sanju baba wasn’t too pleased with Kyle’s prompt response.

Not knowing how to react, Dutt was caught by Mots looking here, there, everywhere in an attempt to avoid eye contact wth Akki and Kylie.

And this after barely a few minutes of referring to Akki as his “brother.” Really now! But then, boys will be boys, right?

Main bhi hoon
Oi oi.. what is this I’m hearing now? A birdy from Bandra has sent me a text message now claiming that Aamir Khan will feature in Delhi Belly too. Yeah, his production in which nephew Imran Khan is playing the lead, under the aegis of first time director Abhinay Deo.

Of course, Khan himself hasn’t mentioned this yet.. just like he denied acting in biwi Kiran Rao’s Dhobi Ghaat until I spilled the beans. Following that the couple went to town talking about his entry..

Now if someone else tells me that Khan will also be acting in Anusha Rizvi’s movie on the farmers’ plight for his production company next, trust me dahlings, I won’t be even remotely surprised.

S is for..
Haaye daiyya.. Mottu has sent me another unending sandesha on my kaaliberry. She claims that Sophie Chaudhary was bonding big time with cricketer Sreesanth at a private party in Bangalore recently.

He had worn a belt with the Superman logo but when someone asked his permission to click a picture of the belt, the fast bowler said that S didn’t stand for Superman. Winking at Chaudhary, he asserted that that ‘S is for Sophie.’ No doubt she was floored by the attention since Shourya Chauhan and Smiley Suri were within earshot too.

Mots says that when Sreesanth then went pub-hopping with his gang of guys and Sophie joined them a little later too. She was the only gal among 11 guys.. but she had eyes only for Sree, says Mottu.

Even if I go into space, I’m sure Mottu will find a way to send me items on these chhotta motta types I tell you.

Channel surfing
When I start getting messages about anything connected with television, I know it’s time to end the column for the day. Like now, a khabru has just mailed to tell me that Ekta Kapoor has initiated talks with the bosses at Colors to make shows for them.

According to my informer, the small screen’s Czarina hasn’t been too happy after differences came up between her and Star, that had given priority to her saas bahu epic saabuns all these years.

Now that Colors has come close to Star as far as TRPs are concerned, my khabru stresses that Ekta, who would never approach a channel, has herself started discussions with the guys at Colors.. and even got a couple of shows approved. Apparently, they will go on air sometime in June-July this year. Does it look like I care what’s happening on the chhota parda? But kya karun? After all, such is life dearies.

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