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Everyone thinks I'm a snob: Gauri

Television's favourite bahu Gauri Pradhan speaks to Gautam Hegde on her role in Left Right Left and married life.
Hindustan Times | By Gautam Hegde, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUN 02, 2008 12:23 PM IST

Your dad's from the army, so were you excited when you landed

Left Right Left


Not really (Smiles) But dad is thrilled. He gives me a lot of tips.

How do you shoot in black gear in this heat?

I have to do my job.

Why does a psycho-analyst need to wear leather gloves?

That was just for my introduction scene.

How do you march? Left right left or right left right?

(Laughs) Left right left.

As an adolescent, did you ogle at the


in your neighbourhood?

I moved to Pune as a teenager, so I missed out on all that.

When was the last time you were creatively satisfied with a shot?

It was my entry scene in

Left Right Left

. I did my own stunts.

Which is the weirdest line of dialogue you have ever said?

If I don't like it, I don't say it.

Since you don't talk much, are you misunderstood?

All the time. Everyone thinks I'm a snob. Actually, I just take time to open up. I don't take calls from unidentified numbers. I hate taking calls unless it is an emergency.

The most promising face you have seen on television recently..

Sorry, I don't watch TV.

Between your husband Hiten Tejwani and you, who is the better driver, cook, actor and dancer?

I can't drive. Hiten can't cook. He is the better actor. And we're both bad dancers.

Who decides the colours of the curtains at home?

I do. All the decisions are sealed by me.

Did you hide under a bed when Hiten coloured his hair and beard bronze for

Kasauti Zindagi Kay


I hated it. But with time I got used to it.

If your fantasy could come true, what would you like to see Hiten dressed up as?

An army officer.

If you had one ticket for the film


, whom would you sell it to?

I'd throw it. Why spoil anyone's evening?

Do you have any pets?

I got a pug 10 days ago. Hiten has named him Beckham.


Do you like David Beckham?

Every girl does, na?

And whom does Hiten gush about?

Salma Hayek, I'm cool with that. (Laughs) Come on, he'll never get her.

Hiten and you were voted the favourite


for the umpteenth time at the STAR Parrivar Awards. Isn't it time others got the trophy too?

I don't mean to sound pompous but Hiten and I have more chemistry than all the other jodis. Perhaps because we're married.

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