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Game of Thrones: Horrifying, upsetting and still building up

Ah, Westeros, the land of the twisted. Game of Thrones has shocked us so many times and in so many ways... yet, every time they send our brain in a tizzy, they set the bar higher somehow.

tv Updated: May 18, 2015 17:42 IST
Vishakha Saxena
Vishakha Saxena
Hindustan Times
Game of Thrones,Westeros,High Sparrow

Ah, Westeros, the land of the twisted.

Game of Thrones

has shocked us so many times and in so many ways... yet, every time they send our brain in a tizzy, they set the bar higher somehow.

There's so many aspects of this week's Game of Thrones to talk about that it's impossible to do so without spoilers.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

In King's Landing, Cersei has played her strongest move yet by not only giving the High Sparrow a free hand but also making Faith Militant one of the most powerful institutions in Westeros, maybe even more powerful than the king.

Considering they "arrested" the Queen's brother for homosexuality and (in today's episode) the queen herself for lying during a "holy inquest", the queen mother has much to celebrate.

It'll be interesting to see, however, how grandmum Olenna Tyrell will respond because last time she took matters in her own hands, this happened:

One of the biggest drawbacks of this storyline has been its treatment of Ser Loras. His was a character that played out in the sides even while being almost heroic. The references to his homosexuality were subtle and ambiguous enough to miss. Unfortunately, the character stands stereotyped not only as gay but also as one victimised over sexual orientation in the TV series.

P.S: In the books, Faith Militant is more worried about bridging inequality and punishing the corrupt.

In Braavos, Arya Stark is still training at the House of Black and White where Jaqen H'ghar has shown a different, stricter side of himself. This coupled with Arya's curiosity has brought out the restless and impatient side of the young Stark. The to-be assassin seems like the only hope left for the Starks.

Meanwhile, in Dorne, the Sandsnakes (Oberyn's daughters) make an impressive debut against Jaime and Bronn but are quickly held down by Doran's troops. It'll be interesting to see how Jaime is treated in Oberyn's city that loves to hate the Lannisters.

Jamie and his daughter in a still from the episode.

While we're at Lannisters, let's also talk about Littlefinger who's sneakily moving up the ladder of influence and power, possibly at the cost of Sansa.

Oh Sansa.

Keeping this quick, Ramsay (currently hated even more than Joffrey) proceeds to marry her and later rape her while making Theon aka Reek watch. Yeah, Game of Thrones truly hates weddings.

This isn't the first time GoT has shown rape -- or has been criticised for it -- but maybe this time they went a little too far. The ending was possibly one of the cruellest in the series' five years running.

Sansa has been put through terribly testing times in the past but it was never a problem. Most fans hate her from her early times when she was obsessed with being 'Joffrey's queen' and later when she was constantly seen crying and depressed while she was married to Joffrey.

Ramsay is basically a more sadistic version of Joffrey and the only things fans can do is hope he dies a death worse than Joffrey.

On the whole the episode continued season five's streak of keeping it slow. As just four more episodes remain, the build-up is getting harder to deal with. Fans were antsy last week itself with many hoping that the show finally brings out the moments it is famous -- or infamous -- for.

It is important to note here that season five is based on relatively slow (and FAT) books (A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons), which explains the pace problem to an extent. The makers have already chopped off swathes of storylines, and believe it or not, for the book reader, the TV series is currently sprinting with its plot.

On an ending note, I must add that today's episode played with its theme 'unbowed, unbent, unbroken' in so many ways that it almost blows my mind -- characters like Arya that stay strong despite being tested, like Ramsay whose cruelty stands undefeated and characters like Sansa who're facing a terrible fate and living for revenge.

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First Published: May 18, 2015 16:11 IST