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‘I hate Rakhi Sawant'

Mohit Mallik of Pari Hoon Main fame on being accident prone and link-up rumours, interviewed by Gautam Hegde.
Hindustan Times | By Gautam Hegde, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2008 07:16 PM IST

Mohit Mallik of Pari Hoon Main fame on being accident prone and link-up rumours, interviewed by Gautam Hegde.

What's this we have been hearing about you and your Pari Hoon main co-star Rashami Desai?
If you're talking of an affair, there's nothing brewing. We share a great rapport. Period.

This is your first link-up... excited?
(Laughs) Yeah, I never thought I would get dragged into the gossip columns too.

If Rashami was the last survivor on earth, would you consider dating her?
If she was the last survivor on earth... maybe.

So who is the pari in your life?
No one, honestly.

You must have fallen for some actress?
I fall for everyone. But kya kare, my grand passion is always one-sided.

You recently did a Bo Derek... walked out of the swimming pool in trunks?
Yes, and I was shivering so hard. That shot was taken at 1 am. I had to sip some rum to get my lines right... my teeth wouldn't stop chattering.

It's not the first time you have been in your swimming trunks?
Yeah. I did a similar scene in Millee... probably to raise the TRPs. (Laughs) They never did.

Do you work-out before these scenes?
No, I'm very lazy I wouldn't bother with work-outs even if I had a paunch.

Don't you get conscious in front of your pretty co-stars?
It's very rare that I get conscious.

I believe you are quite accident prone?
Yeah. We were shooting for 12 days in a jungle. The outline of the baniyan I wore is still etched on my chest. Thanks to sun burn.

I met with three accidents back there. I cut my hand, another time it got jammed in a door. Then, it hit a stone when I was trying to save Rashami from hitting her head on a rock.

So you were the doctor's pet that week?
Absolutely. Mum asked me to go to a temple and get my nazar utaro.

I believe you got chewing gum stuck in your hair too?
Yes, we were shooting continuously, it was 3 am. I had dozed off for a couple of minutes, my head resting on the elevator. Next thing I know, I had gum stuck in my hair.

How does mum react to your steamy scenes on screen?
She regrets having sent me to Mumbai. (Laughs) But my folks are actually quite chilled out.

If you wake up one morning and realise you have become Saroj Khan...
Dude, I'd kill myself.

If you are stuck in a lift with Lola Kutty and Rakhi Sawant, whom would you turn to?
I hate Rakhi. Anu Menon is beautiful, so I guess it will be her.

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