Vishal Aditya Singh has participated on Nach Baliye 9 with his ex Madhurima Tuli.(Instagram)
Vishal Aditya Singh has participated on Nach Baliye 9 with his ex Madhurima Tuli.(Instagram)

Nach Baliye 9’s Vishal Aditya Singh on equation with ex Madhurima Tuli: ‘We fight a lot as we don’t agree on anything’

Nach Baliye 9 participant Vishal Aditya Singh opens up about why he doesn’t mind participating with ex Madhurima Tuli despite their differences and fights.
Hindustan Times | By Ruchi Kaushal
UPDATED ON AUG 13, 2019 08:09 AM IST

Nach Baliye 9 participant Vishal Aditya Singh and dance partner Madhurima Kohli are one of the few exes on the Salman Khan show who have made more headlines for their differences rather than their dance performances. The two continue to be safe from eliminations as they manage to impress judges despite their frequent fights.

In an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times, Vishal spoke about why he agreed to participate on the show with Madhurima despite their troubled past. He also opened up about life after break-up and his purpose in life. Excerpts:

Have your differences hampered your performance on the show?
No. Whatever differences we have are in our personal lives, not in our professional lives.

You and Madhurima had an ugly fight on the show.
Yes, we had a fight, but even couples fight. Tiffs and differences are usual, it’s part of the job and I believe it keeps the spark alive in our performance. And despite all this, we enjoy our work. The reason behind regular fights is that we do not agree on anything. I don’t speak so as not to spoil everything. I haven’t participated on Nach Baliye 9 to fight. I am here to dance and win and show the world who I am. Why we fight so much is because we are exes. Couples also fight but when you fight with an ex, you are more free to say anything you want. It simply becomes obvious. Like when you are friends, you like all aspects of each other but when the friendship is over, you don’t like anything about that person. Same is the case in a relationship.

If there were so many differences between you and Madhurima, what made you unite for the show?
I liked the format of the show and I wanted to participate. There was only one reason to say no - participating with an ex. But there were one thousand reasons to say yes. I was offered a reality show after all the work I had done. People have shown faith in me, it’s because of the love of the people for the characters I have played on screen. I have got a big platform to show who I am, how I work, how I live, what do I think. I like dancing and I am being paid to learn dance. When I am being paid to learn dance and getting so much appreciation, why would I say no! There are so many good things for which I wanted to come on the show. And working with an ex didn’t seem to be such a big reason for turning down the show.

Is it really possible for exes to survive on the show for long?
The name of the show is Nach Baliye and not talk Baliye. Even if we have personal differences and it’s not affecting our work then it doesn’t matter. If we perform well, we will definitely go far. Relationships are of two types -- personal and professional. I have already spoken about our personal relationship. We are on Nach Baliye due to our professional relationship. There are so many big celebrities in India and abroad who continue to work with their ex even after their break-up. They have performed even better after they broke up, delivered good stories, good films. It completely depends on how professional we are. We are doing good that’s why we have received hi5 for our performance. People are watching us and have liked our performance.

You have claimed that Madhurima is ashamed of being seen with you. What made you say this?
If you have someone in your life who is not as good as you careerwise or is not as comfortable in going out as you, what else do you say? She knows better.

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It’s been a year since you parted ways with each other. Have you moved ahead in life?
That bad phase has passed. Mere ishq ka na koi aks hai, na koi shaks hai. I don’t know whom it is for. I am over it and don’t want to be in a relationship. I myself don’t know if I have moved on or not. I need time to understand. I only want to focus on my work.

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