Oye! It's Karan Johar

This week, watch the suave Karan Johar talk his way through his childhood friend Farhan Akhtar's show Oye! Its Friday, with his signature jokes and coffee.

tv Updated: Feb 17, 2009 19:09 IST

Oye! It's Friday! has entertained its audiences week on week with action-packed episodes full of all kinds of surprises, shocks and revelation to add a touch of excitement to kick-start our weekends.

This week, watch out for the suave Karan Johar making his way on the show along with friend Farhan Akhtar. Also 'Sharara girl' Shamita Shetty will dance her way into your hearts. Another highlight of the show will be the International Ariel Act all the way from Hungary who will perform the astonishing aerial act. Suzie Q, the latest sensation in play-back singing who has taken Bollywood by storm with her exceptional voice, will enthrall audiences.

Karan Johar tantalises the audience by making an outright claim of offering better TRPs, better jokes and better coffee as he hijacks Oye Its Friday from Farhan. Stay tuned as the two musketeers then get down to their act with uproarious and out of the box one-liners, conversations, gags and a lot more action that you have never seen before. Its also time for K-Jo to go under the knife as Farhan grills him in the 'Raped' Fire round where he asks a series of embarrassing questions to KJO.

Farhan also uncovers hidden secrets and unknown facts about Karan's childhood when he enjoyed dancing to tunes of dancing legend Jeetendra's song 'Tathaiya tathiya ho'.

First Published: Feb 17, 2009 16:33 IST