New Royal Babies: White Tigress and Royal Bengal Tiger get busy at Delhi Zoo

UPDATED ON MAY 09, 2018 05:59 PM IST
About The Video

These two tigers are exhausted, they've been busy for almost 5 days trying to make a new generation. Keepers say the pair have mated up to nine times a day. Though they look different, they're the same tiger species. They're Royal Bengal Tigers. But Nirbhaya, the female, has a white coat because of a recessive gene. In-breeding of white tigers around the world has resulted in genetic problems, such as cleft palates and scoliosis and mental impairments. By joining Nirbhaya and the male, Karan, Delhi Zoo directors hope to avoid these potential ailments. Now we have to wait until October to see if Nirbhaya and Karan were a success.


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