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Indian-origin girl shares her ordeal with Amazon return service in Canada: Watch

May 29, 2024 01:49 AM IST

Indian-origin girl lauds India's Amazon return service after experiencing difficulties with Canada's return policies.

An Indian-origin girl took to social media to criticize and express the ordeals she endured while returning an Amazon product in Canada.

Selene Khosla's viral video compares Amazon return policies in India and Canada(Instagram/Retuters)
Selene Khosla's viral video compares Amazon return policies in India and Canada(Instagram/Retuters)

She lauds that in India, one can simply hit the return button on Amazon, and a pick-up boy will pick up your respective products from the doorstep. You don't have to waste a penny. But it seems like that is not how the Canadian counterpart rolls.

The girl, Selene Khosla, took to Instagram and posted a video sharing her ordeals with these return policies, captioning it, “Amazon India vs Canada 😪😱Huge respect for each and every delivery associate in India who makes this possible, even in extreme temperatures.”

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‘Amazon wale bhaiyaas’ are best in India

“A cultural shock that I have got after move into Canada was that…unlike in India when you order from Amazon and you get 30 days return, I mean offcourse you get 30days return here as well but the Amazon wale bhaiyaa [The Amazon delivery boy] will not come to your house to take the package back, you have to packet, print the label so that they just assume that if you are rich enough to shop from Amazon you should have a printer at home or find a printer nearby because Swiggy ki tarah yaahan printout gharpe koi nhi deliver karta! [unlike Swiggy here in Canada, no one delivers printouts at your doorstep]. And after doing all that hassle you go to the post office to drop it,” she shared, while holding her Black and White stamped package in hand.

She continued, mocking, “You have to go to Canada Post. I mean, people who are even working in the Indian post office don't go to the post office….but in here, everybody goes to the post office. Because Amazon returns.”

“So I have huge appreciation, huge appreciation, for the systems that are set in India, and for my Amazon wale bhaiyaa who come and take that package.”

Later in the video, Selena mentioned after following Google map and not finding the Canada post in the shimmering Canadian summer, she finally located the actual Post office which moved from its initial location.

“I went into drop the package and told the girl who is collecting the package that ‘Hey you know in India who come and take it from us, and she said ‘whattt!’ and I was like yeah I mean even if you order a bottle of shampoo they come and take it, because we are developed, we are privileged,’ I love my country,” she concluded.

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Notably, Amazon's international return policy states that that due to some countries ruling they do not pick from their home.

“DHL Express pickup: Pickup services at the location, time, and place most convenient for you (available in select countries),” Amazon's website reads.

Netizens reacting on Selena's video

Many netizens chimed in Selena's comment box showing the same sentiment.

Indian Actress and entrepreneur, Parul Gulati commented, “Mera bharat mahan 🇮🇳.”

“I love 🇮🇳,” Shreya Gupto, another Indian actress piped in.

“Hence proved - koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota,” creator Abhi&Niyu wrote.

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