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NYU professor rejects claim Hamas beheaded Israeli infants, denounces New York as ‘Zionist’ city

ByShweta Kukreti
Jan 25, 2024 10:34 PM IST

NYU adjunct professor Amin Husain downplayed allegations of Hamas crimes and praised the Palestinian people's right to fight for their liberation.

In a shocking incident, an NYU adjunct professor denounced New York City as “Zionist," while claiming that the reports of Hamas beheaded Israeli babies and raped women on October 7, 2023, were “not true”.

New York University(Unsplash)
New York University(Unsplash)

Speaking to a classroom of students about the Israeli war at The New School on December 5, which was sponsored by the radical organisation Students of Justice in Palestine, 48-year-old Amin Husain downplayed allegations of Hamas crimes and praised the Palestinian people's right to fight for their liberation.

“They’re trying to say… ‘Oh my god, you support rapists and people that behead babies,’ both of which, whatever, we know it’s not true,” Amin said in a 2-minute clip obtained by The Free Press.

Referencing a petition that was started on October 17, 2023, by an NYU alumnus, demanding his termination, he even made jokes about his antisemitic reputation. “I have a petition going around, right, because I’m antisemitic. I won the honors of antisemitic multiple times," a former finance lawyer said.

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Husian has ‘incited hatred’ against pro-Israel supporters

Husain is seen facing his audience while seated behind a desk and wearing the traditional Arabic keffiyeh headgear.

“We live in a Zionist city,” Husain says. “Let’s be f—ing real… these people can come up and say because of keffiyeh you should go back to your country.”

Husain slammed the purported discrimination against Muslims as “bulls–t” and went on to say that his bio on Canary Mission's website “is one of the best biographies I have.” The mission tracks educators, student activists, and groups that promote hatred for Jews, Israel and US on college campuses.

He has "organised multiple violent New York City disruptions, promoted hatred of America and the police and incited hatred against pro-Israel supporters with Within Our Lifetime (WOL), an anti-Israel activist group in New York," Husain’s Canary Mission bio states.

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Husain backs Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Husain has further stated in the educator's online dossier that he "personally visited a leader of the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad" and that he took part in the First Intifada, a series of violent protests and riots organised by Palestinians in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“He has also expressed support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group and glorified its leaders, promoted other terrorists and spread hatred of Israel,” the watchdog group added.

Although Husain has not been associated with The New School since 2019, a representative for the institution stated in an email to The Free Press that Husain had received several speaking invitations from the school's SJP.

In response to a question about Husain's employment status at NYU, Beckman stated, "He's not in the classroom currently."

Amid the ongoing war, over 25,000 people have lost their lives in Palestine, Associated Press reported, citing the Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas killed at least 1,200 people when it launched an attack in southern Israel on October 7.

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