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Rocket fired in Rawalpindi when Musharraf's plane was in air

The attack could be a possible retaliation by hardliners to the crackdown of Lal Masjid.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, Islamabad
UPDATED ON JUL 06, 2007 02:09 PM IST

A rocket and anti-aircraft guns were fired from a Rawalpindi house close to the runaway of the military airbase used by President Pervez Musharraf while his plane was in air, in a possible retaliation by hardliners to the crackdown on the radical Lal Masjid.

Heavy contingents of police cordoned off the house at the Asghar Mall Road in Rawalpindi where two anti aircraft guns were found fitted on the roof, Dawn News TV said.

It is not clear whether the rocket or the aircraft guns were fired at Musharraf's plane.

The house was rented by a couple only on Thursday. It is located close to the runway of the military airbase at Chaklala near Rawalpindi used by Musharraf, the TV channel said.

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