India knocked out of World Cup, lose to Australia in semifinals by 95 runs

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Mar 26, 2015 05:01 PM IST

OUT! Edged and taken! Short outside off, Raina looks to run it down to third man. He, however, gets a leading edge and to the left of the keeper. Haddin dives and takes a good catch to end Raina's short stay at the crease.

Australia have outclassed India and sent them packing back home after four grueling months Down Under. They had a fantastic World Cup so far but just could not defeat the Aussies in their own backyard. India started the chase off well. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma put in 76 off 77 balls for the first wicket. But as soon as Dhawan fell, India lost it's way and never really recovered. Mitchell Starc was again the pick of the bowlers picking up 2 wickets and giving away just 28 runs in his 8.5 overs.


Highlights from Indian innings

46.5 overes | M. STARC TO U. YADAV
OUT! Gozunder! Starc has cleaned up Yadav with a yorker and the fireworks light up Sydney. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 95 RUNS and advance to the finals of the 2015 World Cup.

45.5 overs | J. FAULKNER TO M. SHARMA
OUT b James Faulkner. India have lost their ninth wicket.

45.4 overs | J. FAULKNER TO R. ASHWIN
OUT! Knocked him off! Length delivery on middle and leg, Ashwin gives himself room and looks to play it to the off side. He misses and Faulkner delivery goes on to strike the furniture.

44.3 overs | M. STARC TO MS DHONI
RUN OUT! Dhoni goes and so is India's chances for the final! A slower one on middle, Dhoni flicks it to mid wicket and comes across for a run. Maxwell is alert and does extremely well to knock the stumps off at the bowler's end. Dhoni is way out of his crease and continues his run to the pavilion. With this wicket the hopes of India reaching the finals is almost shattered.

42.1, 42.2 overs | S. WATSON TO MS DHONI
SIX! Again full on off, Dhoni again comes down and cracks this one over long off fence for another biggie.
SIX! Dhoni says enough is enough! Fullish outside off, Dhoni dances down and cracks this one over covers and into the stands for a maximum.

41.5 overs | M. JOHNSON TO MS DHONI
OUT! You don't mess with Smith! Angled across off, Dhoni dabs it to point and calls Jadeja for a quick run. Jadeja responds but Smith at point cant be do anything wrong tonight. He has a hit at the striker's end and Jadeja is caught short of the crease. India lose another one and the hopes for a final berth also diminishing.

36.2 overs | M. STARC TO A. RAHANE
OUT! REVIEW WORKED! On a length on off, Rahane again looks to work it to third man. The ball goes to the keeper. However the Aussie keeper feels that Rahane has nicked his one and asks Clarke to take the review to everyones surprise. The sniko show a faintest of nicks and that has done Rahane in. A well taken review by the Aussies and India in deep deep trouble now.

22.6 overs | J. FAULKNER TO S. RAINA
OUT! Edged and taken! Short outside off, Raina looks to run it down to third man. He however gets a leading edge and to the left of the keeper. Haddin dives and takes a good catch to end Raina's short stay at the crease.

17.6 overs | M. JOHNSON TO R. SHARMA

OUT! Johnson has the last laugh! On a length on middle, cramps Rohit for room, he tried to push this one but gets an inside edge which clips the bails on its way. The led lights up and India lose another wicket.

Highlights continue...

15.3 overs | M. JOHNSON TO V. KOHLI
OUT! Crowd is silenced! Short on middle, Kohli looks to pull this one but only manages to get a top edge that goes high up in the air. Haddin calls for the catch and takes a simple catch to send Kohli back to the hut. The crowd is stunned and a pin drop silence can be felt across the Indian contigent of the crowd.

12.5 overs | J. HAZLEWOOD TO S. DHAWAN
OUT! Straight to Maxwell in the deep! Fullish outside off, Dhawan dances down and looks to heave this one over covers and into the stand. He however does not time it well and the ball goes straight to the only man at the fence on off side, Maxwell at sweeper cover does not miss it and Dhawan throws away his wicket after a good start.

9.2, 9.3, 9.4 overs | J. FAULKNER TO S. DHAWAN
FOUR! Shot of the match! Full outside off, Dhawan comes forward and drives this one brilliantly through covers for a boundary.
FOUR! Again outside off, this time Dhawan drives it through extra covers for another boundary.
SIX! Dhawan is in the mood here! On a length on middle and leg, Dhawan flicks this one with utmost easy and the ball goes over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.

6.2 overs | M. JOHNSON TO R. SHARMA
SIX! Fabulous cricket shot! Short of a length, Rohit stands tall and hooks this one marvelously behind square leg for a biggie.

Dhawan dropped by Brad Haddin!

0.4 overs | M. STARC TO R. SHARMA
NOT OUT! Fullish outside off, Rohit looks to drive this one but gets an outside edge to second slip. Watson leans forward to take a low catch, he takes it but is not sure whether it carried to him or not. The TV umpire is asked to check and the replay show it just bounced in-front of Watson. Rohit survive and the crowd breath a sigh of relief.

Steve Smith scored a brilliant century to lay a solid platform but Australia lost a string of wickets in the second half of their innings to finish with 328 for seven in the World Cup semi-final against India on Thursday.

On a good Sydney Cricket Ground pitch in perfect weather conditions, the reigning champions will fancy their chances of overhauling the target of 329 and taking their place in Sunday's final against New Zealand in Melbourne.

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