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In the cusp of change: Embrace entrepreneurship, dump the culture of ‘jugaad’

India, the land of unexplored opportunities. With crucial changes in the education system, improving management culture and getting rid of red tape, India could surge ahead.

Youth Survey 2016 Updated: Dec 22, 2016 10:57 IST
Sahiba Chawdhary
Sahiba Chawdhary
Hindustan Times
India,Jugaad,Trend of entrepreneurship
India as a growing economy is not just a land of untold stories but a big player in the start-up game as well. (Shutterstock)

I see India as a land of unexplored opportunities. The vastness and variety of stories that can be pursued in South Asia is remarkable -- and if held under a positive light, native Indians are at an advantage.

We’re brought up inheriting the tactics of ‘jugaad’ and know the true meaning of management when it comes to fixing and gaining access to something out of reach. India as a growing economy is not just a land of untold stories, but a big player in the start-up game as well. A trend of entrepreneurship is emerging where millennials are encouraged to stand out and present their ideas. They are told to throw the ball in the game to see where it lands and how the market receives it.

For this, India’s education system needs to be acknowledged where we’re producing doctors, engineers and professionals like no other country -- and more innovative plants of entrepreneurship need to be seeded to support this plethora of talent emerging every year.

With the global economy crashing, this is the right way to tackle the crisis ahead of us. India is not behind the game since experimenting and exploring come easy to us, an ideal place for newcomers to venture out into the unknown.

India has begun its landing among world players and has a long way to go. With Donald Trump’s presidency, there will be a fall in brain drain that will encourage the talent that belongs to India.

India’s education system needs a shift; while we are doing good at producing doctors and engineers, we need a push in innovation. ( Getty Images/iStockphoto )

India is standing out in politics as well as more and more youth is motivated to stand up and bring change. Millennials are using social media to spread awareness about issues that people refused to talk about before. The reach of viral videos and WhatsApp messages is higher than any newspaper, and with this changing generation, India is among the first to understand and adapt itself to change.

This change is revolutionary, making India a good spot for launching new ideas and replacing old trends.

We so suffer from corruption and red tape. But the country still has a lot of potential and its youth are willing to break the glass ceiling. With equal gender opportunity, India will not be far from breaking records.

A multimedia curator and a visual journalist, Chawdhary C has previously worked on multimedia projects with Blink, Al-Jazeera America,, The Indypendent, and Getty among others. An avid traveler, she is obsessed with Bollywood movies and Punjabi beats.

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First Published: Dec 21, 2016 17:16 IST