Shades of green: Plant some style in your house this year

  • Aditi Caroli
  • Updated: Jan 10, 2016 11:10 IST
This quirky planter will get a lot of attention from your guests. (ISTOCK)

If you love plants and ­gardening is more of a ­passion than a hobby for you, it’s time to take your fondness for flora to another level. Ditch your traditional planters for quirky do-it-yourself ones and induce envy in your neighbourhood as your garden becomes the talk of the town. Let a bunch of flowering plants sit pretty in your old bathtub in your terrace ­garden or turn your childhood bicycle into a plant holder. From creating a boot flower vase to a vintage typewriter planter, here are some cool ideas for statement planters:

Vintage all the way

Invest in a vintage typewriter. Get its machinery out, fill it up with plant soil and place an exotic plant inside it. This quirky planter will get a lot of attention from your guests.

Never dispose your old tyres. You could always put them to good use. (ISTOCK)

Upcycle Worn-out tyres

Planning to get the tyres of your car changed? Don’t ­dispose the old ones. Paint them up in colourful hues and turn them into planters. Arrange the tyres next to each other and plant them up.

With some creativity, you could turn a pushcart into a picturesque planter. (ISTOCK)

Plant up a cart

Turn a push cart into a picturesque planter. Stock it up with different plants and place it in your garden or lobby. You can also deck it up with fairy lights to enhance its appeal.

Winter boots as planters sit pretty on your centre table. (ISTOCK)

Sexy booties

Winters and boots go hand in hand. It’s time you style up your plants with a pair of old, torn boots. Paint them up in a bright colour, place a small plant and let these fashionable pieces sit pretty on your centre table.

Post wining, don’t throw away your empty wine bottles. (ISTOCK)

Let your plants get wasted

Wine a bit, you’ll feel ­better! And post wining, don’t throw away the empty wine bottles. Use them as flower vases. Stack a few bottles together in a basket or a crate to make a nice corner piece for your side table.

It’s time your plants too had a bathtub experience. (ISTOCK)

What a lovely bath

You have spent enough time pampering yourself in luxe bathtubs. It’s time your plants have that experience, too. If you were thinking of getting rid of a dysfunctional bathtub, make a statement planter out of it.

You can also paint your old cycle in a pop hue. (ISTOCK)

Recycle your bicycle

Have an old cycle parked in your garage and you just can’t get rid of it, as so many of your memories ride on it? Turn it into a quirky plant holder. You can also paint it in a pop hue.

You can fix up the antique shelf on your balcony wall and use it as a planter. (ISTOCK)

Shelf up your blooms

Turn an antique shelf into a vintage plant holder. Fix it up on your balcony wall and use it as a planter. You can also place it indoors, provided you plant indoor plants.

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