Students coming forward with suggestions to for Smart City

  • Harshraj Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Oct 28, 2015 00:07 IST
As the MC is running ‘My vision for Ludhiana’ contest on, students are also suggesting the authorities on how Ludhiana can be made a Smart City. (HT Photo )

As the MC is running ‘My vision for Ludhiana’ contest on, students are also suggesting the authorities on how Ludhiana can be made a Smart City. Besides, provision of basic amenities, students demanded improvement in education system and traffic management in the city.

Many students wrote that they used to get late to school or college due to traffic snarls in the city during morning hours. Students claimed that problem of traffic jams was severe near Clock Tower, Samrala Chowk and at various railway crossings and others.

A city resident, Ramanpreet Singh, posted, “I am a student and I get late for college due to traffic jams many times. I have noticed that some people just park their cars anywhere in the markets. Entry of motor vehicles should be banned into congested places like Chaura Bazaar. As many as 5-10 buses should be made available at different points in the city. Good traffic management is required for a Smart City.”

PAU student Hari Gowthem G said, “MC should make eco-friendly and efficient Ludhiana by planting trees along roadsides. Rainwater harvesting system is also required. MC should install solar-powered streetlights. Synchronised and solar-powered traffic signals are also required. There should be merged underground channels for electricity and other cables and sewage/drainage. Efforts should be made to setup plants for composting, re-cycling and waste-water treatment.”

A student from Government School, Shivam, said, “The city should have facilities of water supply and power supply for 24x7 hours. Special committees should be formed to keep a check on sewerage system, pollution levels and solid-waste management. Priority must be given to entertainment, sports and greenery.”

“Helpline numbers should be launched for social security. Video-conferencing system should be adopted at government schools. So, that if any teacher is absent, other teacher concerned of other school can teach students through video conferencing. Moreover, city dumps must be made proper, so that they don’t become a nuisance for others,” Shivam said.

The MC officials claimed that they are looking into the suggestions. The top three suggestions will be awarded with a cash prize of `15,000, `10,000 and `5,000, respectively. Besides, there are 25 consolation prizes of `1,000 each. The last date for submission of suggestions is November 1.

The direct link for ‘Ludhiana jive main vekhan or my vision for Ludhiana’ contest is

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