Bigg Boss 9 and before: 5 times Prince fell in love on national TV

  • Saloni Sinha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 20, 2016 11:34 IST
Before flirting with Yuvika Choudhary and Nora Fatehi on Bigg Boss 9, Prince Narula had a series of flings on reality shows.

Bigg Boss 9 contestant Prince Narula is quite the entertainer. With the usual masala in short supply during the latest edition of the show, Prince was one contestant who kept Bigg Boss alive and, quite literally, kicking. He was in the news for his fights as well as his flings. In fact, it was as a flirt that the Bigg Boss audience knows him. Even during his earlier appearances in Roadies and Splitsvilla, he was known to be a ladies’ man.

Now that India’s most controversial reality show is heading towards its end and Prince is among the finalists, Bigg Boss producers hit on a novel method to milk his image for all it is worth. They brought former contestants (and Prince’s flames) Nora Fatehi and Yuvika Chaudhary to the house on Tuesday. Here’s looking at Prince and the women who caught his fancy on national television…

1. When Prince had a serious girlfriend
Prince Narula had a serious girlfriend for three-and-a-half years. He claimed he was a one-woman man at that time in break-up diaries of Splitsvilla, MTV’s reality show. However, they broke up as – in his words -- their “class” didn’t match.

2. When Prince hit on Charlie Chouhan

Prince and Charlie were linked during their stint on Roadies.

Prince first caught India’s attention when he participated in the 12th season of Roadies. He instantly grabbed eyeballs and was soon linked to co-contestant Charlie Chouhan. Prince, famous for his ways with the ladies, did not miss a chance and started flirting with Charlie. However, the rumours died down and Prince moved on.

3. When Prince hooked up in Splitsvilla

Prince and Anuki Tchokhonelidze had a “strong connection”.

Well, of course, Prince hooked up on Splitsvilla. That is what the show is all about. Prince claimed that he loved Anuki Tchokhonelidze and they had a “strong connection”. They shared some intimate moments on the show and went on to win the show. Their relationship seemed to be pretty strong until Prince entered the Bigg Boss house.

4. When Prince proposed to Yuvika

Prince proposes Yuvika in Bigg Boss 9.

We know that it takes just a few moments for Prince to fall in love. So when he entered Bigg Boss, he found his latest love interest, Yuvika Choudhary. Prince claimed that he is in love with Yuvika and proposed to her with a heart-shaped parantha. But to everyone’s disappointment, Yuvika was evicted that very week. After her eviction, Prince said his feelings are genuine and he would like to meet her outside the house. And then, Nora Fatehi entered the mix.

5. When Prince had feelings for Nora

When Bigg Boss arranged a date for Prince and Nora inside the house.

Without wasting any time after Yuvika’s eviction, Prince met Nora and liked her. He flirted with Nora, he had “genuine feelings” for Nora and he protected Nora. Then she got evicted and Prince, as always, moved on.

We are just wondering if Prince will find yet another object for his affections before Bigg Boss is over.

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