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We recommend: 3 shows to binge-watch this weekend

art and culture Updated: Jan 21, 2017 14:34 IST
Richard Madden and Dustin Hoffman in Medici.

Richard Madden and Dustin Hoffman in Medici.

1) Medici: Masters of Florence – Game of Thrones meets Italian Renaissance in this period drama. It follows the Medici clan, a family that ran the wealthiest bank in Florence, in the 15th century. Though based on real events, the series moves away from facts, often manipulating the course of history to suit the story. But we are willing to uphold the creative license of the makers because of the impressive cinematography and intense acting by Richard Madden (best known for playing Robb Stark in Games of Thrones) and Dustin Hoffman. There’s also plenty of green screen juxtaposition to create ancient Florence — Piazza del Duomo (Florence Cathedral) is under construction, while artist Donatello is making the statue of David.

Watch on: netflix.com

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2) Flaked – Will Arnett, best known for his role as Gob Bluth, the narcissistic magician from Arrested Development, is back to dark television comedy. Arnett’s Chip is a self-indulgent, pathological liar in his mid-forties. Set in the sleepy American beach town of Venice, Florida, the series follows Chip as he meanders through life with no ambition, no emotional investments and a dark past he often glorifies through melodrama. The comedy is dry, and delivered by Arnett with a straight face. One can’t help but feel sorry for Chip despite his selfish motives that often leave those around him hurt. And though the series lacks potential to become a cult classic, it serves as a good weekend binge-watch.

Watch on: netflix.com

3) My Dad Thinks He’s Funny - Stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant toured the country with his third solo special last year. Now, a recording of the show is available on your computer screens. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny draws from Pant’s own experiences as a new father and also pokes fun at his relationship with his wife. Expect jokes about the tough task of finding a good nanny, the stress of getting your child admitted to a Montessori school, and anecdotes of playing with his son, getting him to go to bed, etc. The writing is clever but, to a good extent, works because of the energy Pant brings to the stage. It’s his voice modulation and exaggerated gestures that often work as the punchline.

Watch on: amazon.in/prime