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Will the real killer please stand up!

This play in town works on an interesting premise: A man is dead; four people claim responsibility. Who is the real killer?
Hindustan Times | By Aditi Pant, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 27, 2013 01:36 AM IST

People often evade conviction and try to find ways to escape it. But, this play works on a different premise. Four men come to a church and confess to committing a murder... of the same man. The ripple effect of these confessions are huge, and this bilingual play aims to explore the dark as well as funny side of the situation.

The play, titled, I killed Roy Mathily, revolves around Father Tom, a priest who listens to these four confessions, and has his life turned upside down. “The play is about four people confessing to murdering the same man on the same night, but in different places. The USP of this play is that usually one has to find who is the killer. In this case, one has to figure out who is not the killer,” says play director Sidhant Mago, of Roobaroo theatre group.

This one-and-half-hour theatrical whodunit tries to juxtapose the nuances of serious murder mystery with the light-hearted genre. “The play manages to balance both the genres very well, and also has a very convincing ending. In the end, all the back stories come together very well. In fact, it was the ending that attracted me to be a part of the play,” says actor Taha Abdul Majeed, who plays one of the killers in the play. Adds Mago, “It’s a mock serious suspense genre. It’ll keep you glued to your seats, but you will also get to smile a lot.” But, the director cautiously adds, “It’s just a fictitious account and is no way promoting murder. We are only promoting theatre.”

An interesting aspect about the play is that live music and original background scores are being used to add character to the play. “Right from the time we began this theatre group, we have always used live music in our plays. I believe the right music amplifies the feel and ambience of the play. It heightens the viewer experience and adds depth to the genre,” feels Mago.

Catch it live
What: I killed Roy Mathily (play)
When: July 28
Timing: 4.30pm and 7pm onwards
Duration: One-and-a-half hour long
Where: LTG Auditorium, Mandi House

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