Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 13th to 19th March 2023 | Astrology - Hindustan Times

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 13th to 19th March 2023

Mar 12, 2023 09:00 AM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes down weekly horoscope predictions on HindustanTimes.com. Find out what the planets have predicted for these signs from 13th to 19th March 2023.


Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for 13th to 19th March 2023.(shutterstock.com)
Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for 13th to 19th March 2023.(shutterstock.com)

Ganesha says many big changes can happen in your life this week, for which you were not ready. Due to this, your outlook toward life will appear somewhat depressed and you will feel surrounded by negativity even without wanting to. The sums of this week are telling that you should avoid all kinds of long-term investments. If your mind is restless about something, then you can go out with your friends and spend some of your money on yourself and spend some happy moments. P will be largely successful in taking important money decisions in life. During this period, along with your domestic work, you will actively participate in many social works and will also plan to go on a pilgrimage with your family members. Rethinking your plans and policies this week, necessary improvements may have to be made in them. Because during this time the results and benefits of your work may be according to you, but the desire for more in your mind may not give you satisfaction and you may be seen constantly striving for more. At this time, luck will favor the students in their studies and their teachers will also be seen supporting them during this time. Along with this, chances are also being made that this week will be better than others for the students preparing for competitive exams. During this, you will get results according to your hard work in every examination, due to which people will not get tired of praising you.


Ganesha says domestic problems can give you stress this week. Because of this, you can be negligent toward your health. But avoid getting your treatment done during this time, as your dependence on medicines is also likely to increase. You will get monetary benefits this week, but you will not be happy with that money. Because the money received may be less than your expectation and it is possible that you may feel disappointed. This week, your over-reliance on others can be the main reason for the increase in your mental stress. Therefore, avoid sharing everything related to your financial work and money with your friends or relatives, otherwise, they can spoil your financial budget by demanding loans from you. This time can prove to be very good because during this time you can start some new products. Also, this week you will not hesitate to take some new risks, which will surely give you profit at this time. This week, the god of wisdom can work to make many students successful by giving them the fruits of their hard work. Along with this, students preparing for competitive exams can also get lucky at this time.


Ganesha says this week you can get rid of all the previous problems related to your face and throat. However, for this, you have to avoid drinking too much cold water, as well as eat only and only homemade food, you have to consume fresh fruits. You can also drink more and more water to avoid facial problems. This week can bring a massive improvement in your financial condition. But it is a sign of foolishness to let your money flow continuously like water. May your house be filled with guests for a happy and wonderful week. Also, social activities with the family will also help you in keeping the members of the household happy. Often we are proud of our ability, due to which we take responsibility for more work than our ability. You too can be seen doing something similar this week. Students who are appearing in any competitive examination and want to get success in it will get success during this period on the strength of their courage and self-confidence. But keep in mind that for this you may have a special need to please your teachers and improve your relations with them.


Ganesha says this week will help you in maintaining good health. That's why during this time you must do exercise so that you can keep yourself healthy in every way. At this time, you will also need to understand that by keeping yourself healthy, you will not only be able to keep yourself stress-free, but it will also increase the chances of dynamism in the family environment. This week, you can spend a lot of your money on someone of the opposite sex even without wanting to. Which will cause you trouble later. This week, the program of going on a trip with the family in the east direction may be postponed for some time due to the illness of a family member. Due to this, you and the children of the house may look somewhat unhappy. This week, you will see the most competitive spirit in the workplace. For this reason, you will appear ready to complete your tasks in front of everyone. But extra work can prove to be a bit tiring for you. This week's time will be full of some problems for the students studying in engineering, law, and medical fields. Because during this time they may have to face a lot of difficulty in taking the right decisions, due to which they may also have to bear the brunt of being embarrassed in front of others due to lack of performance.


Ganesha says this week is also going to be a bit better from the health point of view. However, this week you have to pay special attention to some things, like exercising in the park when you get the time and walking regularly for about 30 minutes in the morning and evening. This week will bring many possibilities for you to earn money. But you will need to be alert at all times to recognize these possibilities. Otherwise, you can deprive yourself of taking proper advantage of them. This week some kind of event can be organized in the family, in which you will have to spend a lot of your money. Your mental stress will increase, as well as you will find yourself unable to concentrate on your work area due to the overload of household tasks. As soon as you come to know the real reason behind it, your mind can feel relieved to a great extent. However, during this time, while talking to them, use your words thoughtfully. Students who were dreaming of pursuing higher education by going to a good college abroad, are very likely to get this opportunity in the middle of this week.


Ganesha says you can enjoy a positive outlook this week by appreciating the success of others. Your income is increasing this week due to any of your old investments like ancestral property, land, property, policy, etc. In such a situation, while earning that money, you can also decide to invest in a good scheme again. This week your attitude is going to be very aggressive. Because there is a possibility that during any conversation and discussion at home if you are not satisfied with something then you may say some bitter things to others in anger. So think carefully before reacting to anything. Circumstances always go our way, it is not necessary and this week you are going to feel exactly the same way. When your every strategy and plan will be seen to be useless. With this, you will also be unable to keep yourself motivated. Students will need to pay maximum attention to their company this week as there is a possibility that your image in school or college may get tarnished due to your wrong company. With this, you can deprive yourself of getting the support of your teachers.


Ganesha says this week, due to career stress, you may have to suffer from some minor illness, so to calm your mind, spend some time with friends and family and if possible plan to go on a short trip with them. This week the condition of your financial life cannot be called good, you will have to face many problems related to money throughout this week. You will not be able to save this week, due to which mental stress will increase. If any old case was going on in the court, then this week you can get proper results of your work and the decision of that case is more likely to come in your favor, so keep trying without stopping. This week, you can put your hand in some expensive work or plan to get progress in your career. In such a situation, before taking any step related to it, you will need to think carefully. For this, if needed, you can also take the help of your elders. This week will be full of normal opportunities for your zodiac sign in the field of education. Especially for those students who are preparing for competitive exams, this time will be of extra hard work, only after which they will be able to get favorable results. So don't distract yourself from education for any reason and keep reading books even in your free time.


Ganesha says this week you may get bored with your routine, due to which your mind may feel like moving away from daily activities and doing something different. In such a situation, you are advised that by actively participating in some activities like sports, you can bring newness into your life. Because it will help you to improve your creative potential while keeping yourself healthy. At the beginning of this week itself, all kinds of financial troubles coming in your life will go away and by improving them, you will be able to achieve success. It will be easy. With this, you will be seen increasing your comfort. Whenever you feel lonely this week, your parents will work to boost your morale by giving you their blessings. With this, your family life will go on smoothly. If earlier you had to face some disappointment in your career, then this week things will start getting better and your business will start moving in a positive direction. With this, you will get successful in getting rid of your mental stress as well. The health of many students may deteriorate this week, due to which they may face difficulties in concentrating on their studies. In such a situation, take care of your health from the beginning and consult a doctor.


Ganesha says for mental peace, address the causes of stress. Because only by this you will be able to keep yourself healthy and energetic. You have to understand that, if you use your creative talent in the right way, it will prove to be very beneficial and with the same help you will be able to improve your financial condition. Due to this, you will get good benefits in the coming time. This week, excessive work at work can deprive you of family happiness. However, if you want to get rid of your mental stress, then you will need to spend some time with your family members. So whatever you do, give your time to the people of the house. Saturn is present in the third house in your Moon sign, so this week, things will look better on the work front than before. Due to this, even your bad mood will be good and now you will be seen successfully completing every task with double the energy. Seeing this hard work of yours, your officers will also be happy with you, due to which chances of an increase in your salary will also be created. Due to the normalization of situations in your personal life this week, your mind will be engaged in the work of studies. This will also help you get rid of distractions and as a result, you will be seen moving toward success in your exams.


Ganesha says this week you will be able to give yourself enough time by taking some relaxing moments out of your busy routine. In such a situation, take advantage of this good opportunity and take a daily walk for good health. During this, you will need to wear running shoes instead of sleepers. This week you get good money from any previous investment. For this reason, you can plan to give a party to others by spending a little more on them. On which you will have to spend more than expected. In such a situation, think once again while spending anything. Your habit of reaching home late at night can become a lesson of special trouble for you this week. Because there is a possibility that you may have a big dispute with your family members regarding this, in which they may even shout at you. At the beginning of this week, due to old investments, businessmen may face some big losses. That's why it will be better for you that you prepare yourself in advance for every adverse situation to come. Students were thinking of going abroad for studies, they will have to be patient this week and continue their hard work.


Ganesha says this week you should include green leafy vegetables in your plate. For this you can start with cucumber or salad. Apart from this, must eat at least one apple or any other fruit during the day. Because only by this you will be able to keep yourself away from many minor diseases. This week, if you do business related to foreign countries, then you are likely to get success in connecting with many new sources and earning financial benefits from them. For this, you need to prepare from the beginning and adopt the right strategy. Your relatives can help you talk and contact this week, people you rarely meet. Because this time is going to be good for you to re-develop and improve your old relationships. Saturn is in the first house of your Moon sign, so this week you will have to work hard to enhance your skills as well as move forward in your career, otherwise, you will not be able to complete any work on time. This will have a direct impact on your career and at the same time, you may feel difficulty in taking decisions. Yoga is being created for the students and this week will be very good for your zodiac sign. During this time, not only will all kinds of obstacles in your education be removed, but if you were trying to get admission to a foreign university, you will be able to get success in that too.


Ganesha says this week your habit of overeating can land you in trouble. Because it is possible that due to overeating, you may have problems like food poisoning, stomach pain, flatulence, gas, etc., it would be better if you improve these teeth. Your income will increase this week, due to which you can also plan to save your money for the future. This week your knowledge will impress people around you. Especially this week, due to your good nature, you will also be able to attract someone of the opposite sex near your home. This week, you may have to face the scolding of your superiors and boss due to some of your past work in the workplace. Because there are chances that you may do something wrong in that work, you will have to face their criticisms. In such a situation, completing every work properly with full dedication can prove to be the only option for you. According to your weekly horoscope, there will be positive changes in many situations in the life of the students during this period. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then this time is going to be the best for that. Because at this time your zodiac will be blessed by many planets, due to which you will get good success.

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