Actor Aahana Kumra’s latest Bollywood venture Khuda Haafiz is releasing on an OTT platform.
Actor Aahana Kumra’s latest Bollywood venture Khuda Haafiz is releasing on an OTT platform.

Aahana Kumra: In India, people want to see star kids even before they’ve become stars

Actor Aahana Kumra says OTT makes stars out of outsiders who are good performers by nurturing their talent, given them proper opportunities and promotes them well too.
Hindustan Times | By Shreya Mukherjee, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON AUG 10, 2020 05:48 PM IST

Actor Aahana Kumra is all praise for OTT platforms, for she feels it has been has been revolutionising the way content is perceived. She also lauds the way it nurtures the talent.

“OTT is making stars out of nobody. By nobody I mean those who are outsiders and would not have got such kindof exposure in films. Today, we know many young actors because of these platforms, which take pride in promoting their talent. Does that happens in films?” asks the actor.

The 35-year-old, whose work on the web includes Ready to mingle, Inside Edge, Rangbaaz, and Betaal, feels in India, people want to see stars kids even before they become stars. She insists that whenever one watches a film in the West, they don’t see if it has a star or star kid or if a new actor is being launched in it.

“In India people are star struck. The film structure is so wrong. You’re watching because you want to watch stars, not great performances. OTT changed that, which should have happened in cinema. It nurtures potential talents, who aren’t stars or star kids, but good performers,” adds Kumra.

Kumra, whose next, Khuda Hafiz, is releasing on an OTT platform, goes on to say, “In the 80s, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Amrish Puri, Pankaj Kapur and Govind Nihalani’s parallel cinema was answer to Bollywood. For a long time we didn’t have that. In 90s, we saw stars and in 2000, .it become about star kids. I’m not saying it’s unfair — it’s their family business and they, too, have the right — but what happens to others? By giving opportunities to performers, OTT has become that parallel cinema of 80s that went missing in between.”

Meanwhile, many have also been talking about film actors venturing into the OTT space, and Kumra feels that thankfully the medium has managed to maintain it sanctity as of now.

“I’m happy to collaborate with the big stars and varied actors. But in Bollywood, there are specific roles written for surrounding actors unlike the lead. But OTT offers parallel roles and stories to all. So I get the opportunity to perform. The reason why I’m been chosen for a role is because the audience have accepted me as a performer. Starting from auditions to promotions, OTT sort of equalises everybody,” she concludes.

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