Lucky as actor, bad as singer: Vinay Pathak

The Bheja Fry actor who claims he's serious in personal life hardly leaves any chance to crack a joke. Parmita Uniyal catches up with Vinay Pathak who's all set to romance Minissha Lamba in the second installment of Bheja Fry, hitting theatres this Friday.

bollywood Updated: Jun 14, 2011 20:11 IST
Parmita Uniyal
Parmita Uniyal
Hindustan Times

It is difficult to know the real Vinay Pathak, for whenever you try to ask a personal question, he gets filmy. The Bheja Fry actor who claims he's serious in personal life hardly leaves any chance to crack a joke and pull a fast one on his interviewer.

Right now he is Bharat Bhushan, the talkative and funny guy, who is back with a glamorous partner Minissha Lamba, in Bheja Fry 2, releasing this Friday. Only the character of Bharat Bhushan remains constant, and the rest of ensemble cast is different.

"It's a different story. It's a different, wonderful ensemble cast. Most importantly it has the beautiful, talented and sultry, Minissha Lamba," says Pathak.

On working with Minissha Lamba

Bheja Fry"She is the love interest of Bharat Bhushan in the film. I think Minissha is the right person chosen for the job. My introduction scene is with Minissha and the film ends with Minissha and I. The film is all about the journey of love and affection that he shares with this beautiful woman. I'm a very lucky guy that after working with glamorous Lara Dutta, I am getting to work with another beauty Minissha Lamba."

On his role

"Bheja Fry was very successful. I hope its sequel also becomes a success. In the movie only Bharat Bhushan's character is constant, rest is different. He's in a different situation, with different surroundings. He is the same character, but in a different story."

I'm luckier than Bharat Bhushan

"I'm very fortunate that I got to live the dream I had for me. I became an actor. By virtue, of it, I got to play diverse characters with different people. I think I am very lucky."

I'm a bad singer

Vinay Pathak has made his singing debut in the film, but still can't believe that he actually managed to pull it off. "I am not a singer. Singing in the film became important because Sagar (director) wanted my character to sound like Bharat Bhushan. Sagar actually tried to look for a singer who could sound like Bharat Bhushan, but wasn't successful. I think all the credit to turn me a singer should go to Sagar Ballary and music composer Sneha. I had to record many versions before the final one was shortlisted. These days, there are good instruments and technology that make your voice sound good."

Shooting, a hectic picnic

Shooting for Bheja Fry 2 was fun as well as hectic for the stars as they had just 15 days to shoot at a cruise ship. "We were working on a cruise ship. We were working and having fun at the same time. We played a lot of games. We saw sunsets and sunrise. We ate different varieties of food. We had to work doubly hard because being in a cruise ship means we had a constriction of time and space. We only had 15 days. We shot for 15 nights. We didn't get enough sleep."

Seriously, serious?

When asked how exactly the real Vinay Pathak is like - a funny man or a serious person, he signs off saying, "I'm a simple, straightforward guy. I'm very serious about being serious."

First Published: Jun 14, 2011 19:32 IST