Actor Taapsee Pannu feels outsiders in the film industry have the ‘largest relatability factor with the audience’
Actor Taapsee Pannu feels outsiders in the film industry have the ‘largest relatability factor with the audience’

Taapsee Pannu has a unique take on nepotism: Star kids milk their advantage, so why don’t we outsiders rely on our strength?

Actor Taapsee Pannu says there are more challenges that an outsider has to face in the film industry apart from nepotism, adds that no matter how many debates and discussions we have, it’s not going to ‘go away’.
Hindustan Times | By Rishabh Suri, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 18, 2020 05:27 PM IST

Taapsee Pannu has never shied away from talking about her tough journey into films — coming from southern cinema to the Hindi film industry, and having zero connections or a ‘godfather’ to guide her. As the nepotism debate rages on, she feels that is just an “added challenge” to the several others, a newcomer faces in Bollywood.

“But it will be wrong to say that one is not aware of it beforehand. And once you are aware of the challenges, you will be facing, you make sure you develop the strength to deal with it,” says the 32-year-old.

The one thing Pannu can’t comprehend, however, is that when the children of actors use their advantage to its full extent, why don’t the outsiders do it too, especially when the common man connects with them through their onscreen portrayals.

“If star kids milk their advantage, I don’t understand why don’t we outsiders rely on our strength and use it to our advantage as well? We have the largest relatability factor with the audience, we have their support constantly because they feel we are one of them,” points the actor known for films such as Pink (2016), Saand Ki Aankh (2019) and Thappad. 

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However, she is quick to add that things won’t be as smooth as they may look from the outside. “Yes, the journey will be harder and longer, but every inch of success we achieve in our journey will be ours. No one can claim a stake in that. That’s a beautiful feeling in itself,” she asserts.

Having delivered critically acclaimed performances onscreen, Pannu is ready, in fact excited, to “go through the hard test of nepotism to experience that high of self made story”.

Reiterating that nepotism does exist strongly in most of the industries, including Bollywood, she adds, “No matter how many countless discussions or debates we are going have on it, it’s never going to go away, so it’s better we learn our ways and means to deal with it and our audience and media becomes smart, unbiased enough to give us an equal opportunity, and a chance to get their love and attention.”

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