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Below Freezing Point

Celebs tell us about the coldest place they’ve ever been to.

brunch Updated: Mar 24, 2012 20:55 IST
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka Jain
Hindustan Times
Hindustan TImes,Geeta Basra,Dipannita Sharma Atwal

Celebs tell us about the coldest place they’ve ever been to:

Dipannita Sharma Atwal
Model and Actress

“The coldest place I have been to was Davos in Switzerland. I had gone there to be a part of a fashion show at a financial conference. It was my first trip abroad during winter and I was truly excited to see the scenic beauty.

What caught my eye was the snow... we were in a mini bus and when it stopped at a red light, I ran out into the snow, not realising how cold it would be. I sat on a tree stump covered with snow and instantly shot up, frozen.

Dipannita Sharma

“I later realised that I was ill-prepared for the severe winter and had to wear a pair of jeans over another and layers of T-shirts under sweaters to keep warm. The other embarrassing event was when I slipped and fell several times on the sleet-covered streets as I went shopping.”

Mugdha Godse
Film Actress

“I love to travel and have been to many places, but London’s one place I thoroughly enjoy. I visited it last in December and got back in January, and the weather was super cold. I was freezing to my bones, but that did not stop me from going out and shopping and eating.

“At that time, London was almost -3 C, and it shook me up. I also toured the Lake and Peak districts where the weather conditions are a little worse than London.

“I got back to London in the second week of January, and assumed that the weather would be better, but it was the first time that the city was facing such cold weather. Still, I enjoyed my visit and did a lot of things I love.”

Bikram Saluja
Film Actor
The coldest place I’ve been to has to be Ladakh. We were shooting for LOC Kargil in 2002-2003. Imagine being there in November and shooting in the open in simple ‘fauji vardi’. The temperature was easily around -3 or -4 C, and I don’t even drink, so keeping warm by drinking brandy was out of the question. I just layered with lots of clothes and kept moving to keep warm. Plus being out in the open, we had to face the bone-chilling wind. It was probably one of the toughest shoots for me.”

Shibani Kashyap
Singer and Composer

“The coldest place I have ever been to is the Blue Mountains in Australia, a two to three hour drive from Sydney. It was already winter when I went there, the temperature was -3 C, and I was wearing three layers of warm clothes with gloves and a woollen cap.
“We went to see the view from the top of a mountain. Although it was breathtaking, the instant it was over, I rushed to the nearest cafe and had some hot soup, which seemed like the best thing ever at that point of time. Also, despite the cold, I let my adventurous spirit lead me on a trek!”

Mukul Dev

Mukul Dev
Film Actor

“The coldest place I’ve ever been to has been Darjeeling. It is one of my favourite places. The thrill in Darjeeling is to be able to glimpse the mountain peaks in the early morning from my hotel room window.

“One would assume the weather would be pleasant here, but when I visited in February, the temperature went down to almost minus one degree. For someone from Mumbai, this was freezing!”

Geeta Basra
Film Actress

“Having been born and brought up in the United Kingdom, I am used to cold weather. But last winter, I visited my relatives in Austria, and went to this small town where people generally go skiing.

“However, when we got there, the town was almost deserted because of the extreme conditions. We had planned to stay for a week, but had to return in two days because of the temperatures. For most of those two days I stayed indoors, wearing three sweaters, hand gloves and a muffler. Every time, I tried to speak, my teeth would chatter.”

From HT Brunch, March 25

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First Published: Mar 24, 2012 17:55 IST