Comedy lovers put their funny side up!
Comedy lovers put their funny side up!

CelebsPick: Finding ‘funny’ in fiction

5 celebrities from various fields pick the one comic character that tickles their funnybone
Hindustan Times | By Ananya Ghosh
UPDATED ON APR 12, 2020 02:43 AM IST

Goodness gracious!

Puja Sarup, Theatre artist

“Meera Syal and Sanjeev Bhaskar in Goodness Gracious Me crack me up. Be it ‘Smita Smitten’, or the proud Desi uncle for whom everything and everyone (including Superman and Jesus) is Indian, their performances own the truth and the absurdity of all the characters they play.”

A good place to start

Aadar Malik, Stand-up comic

“Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place. She is the one with literally the greatest moral dilemma of all and had such a fitting end to the series with her arc maturing so beautifully. In her, you have physical comedy, witty one-liners, and sometimes even outright lame jokes, and Kirsten Bells own variety of personal charm all rolled in one.”

Laughters and tears

Atika Chohan, scriptwriter

“Hands down, Fleabag. She is dark, super self-aware, fourth wall crashing, heartbroken and so funny all at the same time. She is selfish and sensitive and her awakening conscience over two seasons brings the laughs and the tears in right measure!” 

The star of the Galaxy

Durjoy Dutta, Author

“The android, Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the character that cracks me up even now. It was a failed iteration of a robot and remained depressed and bored because of how intelligent it was. A great part of his ambition was to compose lullabies. I relate.”

Pumpkin pie

Vivaan Shah, Actor

“With his pumpkin pie haircut, chipped tooth and manic grin, Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber is one of the most iconic figures of our time. The pairing of him and Jeff Daniels is reminiscent at least visually of Moe and Larry from The Three Stooges. Jim Carrey for me has always been one of our most adept physical acrobats in the tradition of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.”

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