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Faceless but famous

Pop culture is full of people who keep their identities secret so the focus is on their work. Who might they be?

brunch Updated: Apr 07, 2015 18:41 IST
Aparna Sundaresan
Aparna Sundaresan
Hindustan Times
Banksy Banksy,Anonymous,Big Boss

Pop culture is full of people who keep their identities secret so the focus is on their work. Who might they be? Boss

The puppet master behind Bigg Boss.

Actually... Just a not-so-famous actor in a studio.

We wish: He was that "Main Samay Hoon" guy from the old Mahabharat, who knew more. And had a sexier voice.

Ethical hackers who launch cyber attacks on websites of the organisations that piss them off. They wear Guy Fawkes masks in public.

Actually... They could be anybody, the teenager next door, the colleague who likes puppies, even the shifty milkman.

We wish: They’d be a little more Robin Hood – breaking into billionaires’ accounts and distributing the money among us.Banksy
A graffiti artist whose works cast attention on world affairs.

Actually... A British tabloid reveals he’s a man called Robin Gunningham. Others think he’s actually a woman or a seven-member team of artists.

We wish: He wasn’t such a sell-out, considering he did an exhibition of his works and ‘toured’ the US.Axxo and Yify
Two people who have leaked more movies online than you have downloaded.

Actually... Probably two guys who had excellent contacts in Hollywood. And a lot of guts.

We wish: There was honour among thieves. So many pirates who have poor quality prints impersonate these two online.Satoshi Nakamoto
The founder of the Internet currency, Bitcoin.

Actually... Not a Japanese man because his English is too British, and not one person, because the coding is too extensive and perfect for one programmer.

We wish: We could understand Bitcoin, frankly. Guerrilla Girls

Gorilla mask-wearing women in NYC who protest sexist norms and under-representation of women in the art world. Originally seven female artists, but now a much larger group of women.

We wish: There wasn’t a need for them in the first place.

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First Published: Nov 28, 2014 18:17 IST