Shahid Kapoor writes an exclusive essay on gender-fluid fashion for men

Shahid Kapoor, known for his experimental roles, makes a case for gender-fluid fashion

brunch Updated: Mar 10, 2018 23:22 IST
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor
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Shahid believes that functionality and movement are relevant to fashion (T-shirt and bottoms, Bloni by Akshat Bansal; shoes, Shahid’s own; Make-up by James; Hair by Aalim Hakim; Styling by Anisha Jain; Location courtesy: Sofitel Mumbai BKC)(Rohan Shrestha )

Fashion is very personal for most people, especially men, whether you are rigid or fluid in your sartorial choices. This is not necessarily about our country or any other country or culture. Neither does this have anything to do with an individual’s sexuality.

However, everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in. I don’t think anyone should try to impose any kind of ‘style sense or sensibility’ on anyone. It is great that we are living in times when we have the opportunity to express ourselves in different ways.

It is also about not being close-minded. You need to be aware of your surroundings. But if you get affected by and are vulnerable to what everyone around you says, then you are not self-assured. The first sign of being self-assured is confidence.

Eventually, that’s what fashion is all about – style has to be an extension of your personality. It is the way you express yourself. In our country today, this thought is becoming more and more prevalent.

You have to find your own rights and wrongs: in fashion and in life!

Today, fashion has reached a point where there are no boundaries. Clothes don’t always need to fall into the category of male or female. Even with my brand Skult I make clothes that I like to wear. Functionality and movement are relevant to men and women. So if there is something that can be worn by both men and women, that’s fine.

Personally, I am comfortable wearing whatever I feel expresses my mood, feelings or my sense of style. That could be gender-neutral clothes, or leisure wear, or formal wear. It depends on what I want to express on that particular day.

In terms of my look, I will continue to evolve. Part of my job as an actor is to change my silhouette. Changing my personality and rediscovering myself is also a huge part of that. Perhaps that is why I am an actor. The same thing, that is, rediscovering myself, extends to my personal life as well.

For each generation, the situations and circumstances are different. Of course, it is important to adapt and change. You have to find your own rights and wrongs. You have to find your own ways to make things work, whether in fashion or anything in life.

Yes, it is always important to be open to change but eventually you must know who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. What are the things that represent your personality? There are new things to be discovered, fresh ideas coming along all the time. Go ahead and express yourself. If you are not open to change, you’ll never know what else you might like.

(As told to Anil Sadarangani)

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First Published: Mar 10, 2018 23:15 IST