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What if these series ended differently?

When How I met Your Mother came to an end this March – revealing the mother in How I Met Your Mother – fans felt cheated. We decided to list out alternative endings for other disappointing (for fans) series finales. Warning: spoilers aplenty!

brunch Updated: Oct 04, 2014 17:22 IST
Aparna Sundaresan
Aparna Sundaresan
Hindustan Times

For nine seasons, architect Ted Mosby narrated a story of epic proportions to his children on how he met their mother. But when it came to an end this March – revealing the mother in How I Met Your Mother – fans felt cheated. Following an outpouring of vitriol on social media, the show’s creators gave us another ending last week.

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We decided to list out alternative endings for other disappointing (for fans) series finales. Warning: spoilers aplenty!


What it was about:
A plane crashes on an unknown island. The survivors are faced with threats, from natural and mystical forces.

Duration: 6 seasons (2004-10)

How it ended:
Confusingly. The finale indicated that everyone had been dead the whole while and they were in purgatory – a limbo between life and death – coming to terms with the terrible things they had done in their lives. The showrunners denied this, saying it was about "people who were lost and searching for meaning and purpose in their lives".

How it should have ended: As a secret recording of a reality show where all the contestants were deliberately thrown on an island and forced to survive. That ’70s Show

What it was about:
Eric Foreman and his dopey friends struggle through high school and adolescence in 1970s America – rock and roll, beer and marijuana.

Duration: 8 seasons (1998 to 2006)

How it ended: Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, who played the leads, left at the end of season 7. Season 8 hobbled along with meh replacements. The barely-out-of-high-school characters either got married or knocked up.

How it should have ended:Could we just pretend season 8 never existed? Eric and Kelso never left, no one got married to a stripper and no new people showed up and messed up the cast. Denial works wonders.Dexter

What it was about: Forensic analyst by day, serial killer by night, Dexter was intent on delivering justice to those criminals who had escaped it. Troubled, homicidal, he was driven by a strange moral code.

Duration: 8 seasons (2006-13)

How it ended: After one too many plot twists in the finale, Dexter faked his death and became a lumberjack to live the remainder of his life in hiding. Because a homicidal serial killer living as a woodcutter makes total sense.

How it should have ended: If he was so intent on delivering justice to those who got away with crimes, he should have turned a gun on himself and pulled the trigger. And actually died.Gilmore Girls

What it was about:
Lorelai gets pregnant at 16 and builds a life for herself and her daughter. The show begins when her daughter Rory is 16, and follows the loves, laughs and lives of mother and daughter.

Duration: 7 seasons (2000-07)

How it ended: Lorelai and Luke had broken up in season 6 but reconciled in the finale. Rory graduated from Yale and turned down a proposal from her on-off boyfriend. Good for you, ladies!

How it should have ended: This show tied all the loopholes and gave its leads closure. Fans got emotional while watching the finale but complained anyway. Just goes to show – viewers can just never be happy!

Prison Break

What it was about: Lincoln is accused of murder and awaits execution. His brother, Michael Scofield, is convinced of his innocence. He commits an armed robbery, so he too can go to prison and help his brother escape.

Duration: 4 seasons (2005-09)

How it ended: The show became less about breaking Lincoln out of prison and more about Michael’s entanglement in a conspiracy, which affected his family and girlfriend. In the end, the writers gave Michael a brain tumour and killed him off. They couldn’t stomach the rubbish they were writing.

How it should have ended:
With darkness. Lincoln was actually guilty and is executed; "The Company" that was at the centre of the murder conspiracy was in fact Michael’s counsellor and his therapy group.

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First Published: Oct 02, 2014 18:04 IST