Pulkit Vij
Pulkit Vij

Pulkit Vij of Kamal Associates carries forward father’s ‘budget housing' dream

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the market continued to grow for Pulkit’s business because of their resolution to provide “Apna Ghar, Sabka Ghar”, which he treats like a daily mission.
By HT Brand Studio
PUBLISHED ON MAR 03, 2021 07:09 PM IST

The passion with which Pulkit Vij advertises budget properties on his YouTube channel, KamalAssociates, is remarkable. After joining his father’s business of constructing as well as brokering residential properties, this young graduate has infused an amazing amount of enthusiasm to the way of working in his Delhi-based company. However, the trust and loyalty that Kamal Associates commands in the market is a result of his father’s 20-years-long hard work and ethical business practices.

It is this trustworthiness that the company enjoys, which is responsible for Kamal Associates being one of the most sought after property experts in Delhi, especially in case of properties based in the areas between Uttam Nagar East and Dwarka. In fact, Pulkit is now ready to move beyond Delhi and build and broker properties all over India. The reason for such infectious enthusiasm for business is their honest and genuine work ethics.

As Pulkit says, “People know my father well and they know that we deal in honesty. Right with the groundbreaking ceremony, we manage to sell 30-40% of our property, then and there. And by the time the structure is ready, almost all of the property is sold already. That is the amount of trust that Kamal Associates enjoys from its investors as well as general public.”

You might wonder that at a time when the real estate industry, especially builders, are being looked at with suspicion, owing to a number of mishaps in the construction sector, what is the reason behind the properties of Kamal Associates selling like hot cakes! Well, it is because they enjoy a ‘clean image’ among their patrons.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the market continued to grow for Pulkit’s business because of their resolution to provide “Apna Ghar, Sabka Ghar”, which he treats like a daily mission. In fact, Kamal Associates is also instrumental in helping the buyer arrange for loan to buy the property. So, not only are they building affordable housing, they are also creating opportunities for general public to be able to buy the property of their choice. That is the way Pulkit has decided to go a step further in becoming the “Property King” in Delhi.

They help the buyers arrange for upto 100% loans for properties ranging between 1BHK and 3 BHK. None of their properties cost more than Rs. 30-40 Lakh per unit, which means great affordability and that is the driving force behind their business. Every year, Kamal Associates successfully deliver 500-700 units to their clients, which includes their own buildings as well as brokered properties. The diversity of business is one of their hallmarks though they mainly deal in constructing and selling Builder Floors.

By 2022, Pulkit plans to take Kamal Associates pan-India and for that, he is already working hard, both on the ground as well as online, on social media like Facebook. On YouTube, Pulkit can be seen showing off the properties to his viewers in an enthusiastic manner. Perhaps that is why his viewership runs into millions and he is closer to hitting his first million subscribers soon. His robust presence on YouTube as well as Facebook is proof that this “Young Entrepreneur” holds the key to his own future, which also includes growth for his investors, whom he is currently in touch with, for the growth of his business.

Currently one of the youngest builders in the country, Pulkit manages a team of 200-250 persons, which includes a large number of indirect associates, such as vendors, marketers, etc.

Speaking about his plan for the future, Pulkit says categorically, “I am a second-general builder but my father’s foundation of business gives me the confidence to carry on providing affordable properties to Indians in a clear and transparent manner. We believe in growth that is unadulterated. Therefore, our inventory sells even before the construction is complete. With the market showing positive growth signs and rates set to rise 25% - 30% in the future, our commitment to provide budget homes to buyers will remain unshaken.”

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