Chandigarh: Five-time rise in cybercrime as compared to last year

The cyber crimes have been on the rise in the tricity for the past few years and well-educated people have been found involved in such criminal activities.
Hindustan Times | By Gurpreet Singh Chhina, Chandigarh
UPDATED ON JUL 20, 2015 10:15 AM IST

The cyber crimes have been on the rise in the tricity for the past few years and well-educated people have been found involved in such criminal activities.

The recent data of UT cyber crime cell has revealed around five-time rise in cyber crimes, as 13 cases were registered from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014, whereas the number went up to 66 in the same period in 2015.

The data also revealed around 679 complaints were received till June 30 and 565 of them had been disposed of either by taking action or, in some cases, complainant did not want to pursue the case.

The cyber crime officials say during the investigation of various cases, it has come to the fore that well-educated people have been indulging in such crimes, most of them to make quick bucks, without realising they could be nabbed using the same technology they are misusing to dupe innocent people.

Talking about their modus operandi, the UT cyber cell officials say as many as 28 cases were reported for online jobs till June 30. The incidents where youngsters are duped on the pretext of providing jobs for money have been increasing.

Other methods like asking for PIN number of debit or credit card or getting personal bank account details by pretending to be bank officials have also increased. "Fraudsters call on your mobile and seek bank account details. If one reveals the details, he/she is duped,"said officials, adding they either clone the ATM card or make transaction through the online banking.

Deputy superintendent of police, cyber cell, Deepak Yadav, said the complaints were on the rise but the cases were also being probed on priority, and around 72% of them had been worked out.

He added in many cases, youngsters posted objectionable comments or pictures but these complaints were disposed of as either both the parties reached on compromise or the complainant did not want to pursue the case.

Several barriers in investigation

UT crime cell revealed in most cases of cyber crime, fake email IDs are created from states like Manipur, Jharkhand, Sikkim, etc, and the police faced problems while tracing such offenders - despite getting details through internet protocol (IP) address - owing to the lack of assistance from local police. Similarly, in cases related to lottery scams or immigration offers, the email addresses were generated from Pakistan and Germany by using proxy servers, which are difficult to trace.

Police say in cases related to messaging service WhatsApp, permission has to be sought from the home secretary of the state concerned, which is a long procedure.

Youngsters using social sites for taking revenge

The officials said the complaints had revealed youngsters were misusing social networking sites to settle scores by uploading vulgar pictures, messages and videos to defame the other person. In such cases, most of the victims are girls and due to social stigma, most of them don't pursue the cases.

Precautions suggested by cyber experts

Don't provide your personal information to anyone over mobile phone or social sites

Don't add strangers in your social website account as they hack your account to get personal details
Don't reveal ATM pin or any other detail related to your ATM card over mobile phone or through SMS

Different cases 2014 2015

Jan 1- Jun30 Jan1- Jun 30

Threatening 0 8

ATM coloning 1 3

Online scam 1 28


Online cheating 0 9

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