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On a soulful note

Tahira Kashyap’s second book, Souled Out, evokes the inherent goodness in everyone and inspires one to look positively at life.
Hindustan Times | By Disney Brar Talwar
UPDATED ON SEP 25, 2012 11:08 AM IST

Her first book, I Promise, based on a pyre maker, was conceptualised when she was just 19 and a part of city-based theatre group, Manch Tantra. That was also the time when Chandigarh girl Tahira Kashyap penned a play called Socha Na Tha that she later turned into a full-fledged book — I Promise.

A year later, Tahira is ready with her second, Souled Out, which compiles a string of short stories that are all connected by a common thread of throbbing emotions, thereby lending the write-up the true essence of life. Talking about her new book, Tahira, 28, who is now based in Mumbai and works as a freelance lecturer, says it has been inspired by a real life incident, and that it promises to take readers on a cathartic experience wherein they too would feel the need to release their pent-up emotions and bring to life the intrinsically good soul that often lies trapped inside the dark chambers of our hearts.

Her inspiration for the book, says Tahira, was the death of her pet. “I had a pet, whom I had for eight years before he died in an accident. That really saddened me and I felt something pure unlocked from somewhere deep inside my heart. It changed my attitude towards life and I started writing to fill in the void. One of the stories in the book, True Love, is based on the loss of my pet, while the rest talk about various emotions, such as love, hatred,compassion, passion and anger,” she elaborates.

And the deluge of emotions took all of 25 days to be penned in words, recalls the author. “There are some times when I get hit by a deluge of creativity and that’s when I come out with my best works. That’s when I keet writing and finish the book within days. Souled Out was done in only 25 days.”

Her readership, quips Tahira, is sans the barrier of age. “My book is very simple and would connect with everyone, right from a seven-year-old child to a 95-year-old woman. I aim to connect with a wide spectrum of readers.” Talking about her husband, actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s contribution to her book, Tahira avers, “I used to read all of my stories to Ayushmann. In fact, it is he who suggested the title as well, and also helped me with the photographs used for the book along with my photographer friend, Vineet Modi. Out of all of the stories, Choti Phoolwali is Ayushmann’s favourite.”

After the book’s completion, Tahira is focussing on reading screenplays and filtering scripts for hubby, Ayushmann. Nods she, “After Vicky Donor, Ayushmann has been flooded with so many scripts, all of which pass through me before they reach him. And when I read so many screenplays, I feel inspired to pen a script and a screenplay for a film. Why not? Maybe that is what is next on my agenda,” she signs off with a wink.

'Souled Out' is published by Pustak Mahal and is priced at Rs 175.

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