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‘Bikers on wrong side of Shahad flyover increase the risk of accidents’

By Priyanka Dhomse, Kalyan
PUBLISHED ON NOV 29, 2019 08:39 PM IST

Bikers plying from the wrong side on the Shahad-Ulhasnagar flyover has led to an increased risk of accidents on this route, said commuters.

The Shahad flyover, which connects Kalyan, Shahad, Ulhasnagar, witnesses huge traffic jams, especially during peak hours. “The flyover turns into a bottleneck as bikers ply from the wrong side. We urge the traffic department to take strict action against them,” said Vaibhav Kulkarni, 34, a commuter.

The flyover has barricades between the two lanes, but bikers still take the opposite lane to avoid traffic. This creates chaos and increases risk of accidents.

“During weekends the situation turns even worse. It takes more than an hour to cross this flyover connecting to Murbad Road, which usually takes less than five minutes. Hence, to save time, bikers choose to ply from wrong side taking a risk,” said Smita Ahuja, 28, a regular commuter from Ulhasnagar.

Traffic officials claimed they have traffic wardens and cops placed at both ends of the bridge. “We have the traffic team to curb violations on this route. We have informed them to keep an eye on motorists plying on the wrong side and impose fines on them,” said a traffic official from Kalyan.

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