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Born to climb: Eight-year-old Toshika treks seven forts in 15 hours 30 minutes

With solid determination and indomitable grit, eight-year-old Toshika Patil trekked seven forts in a day with a time duration of 15 hours 30 minutes
By Jigar Hindocha
PUBLISHED ON MAR 08, 2021 09:48 PM IST

With solid determination and indomitable grit, eight-year-old Toshika Patil trekked seven forts in a day with a time duration of 15 hours 30 minutes.

Patil, a resident of Nashik was under the guidance of Ruturaj Agawane, director of Bucketlist adventure and also received support from Rohan More, an international swimmer.

Patil completed this landmark milestone on March 1 and before achieving the feat, she trekked Kalsubai with her family.

It was decided to try and achieve the seven forts after the enthusiasm and stamina she displayed while trekking Kalsubai.

“I was enjoying myself while climbing all forts. I felt a little tired after climbing three forts on a trot but I took some rest in the afternoon which boosted my confidence and I finished the milestone,” said Patil who also is a student of Karate.

The climbing was started from Tikona fort in Maval, taluka at 5.30 am in the morning followed by Tung, Korigad, Lohegad, Visapur, Manaranjan and Shrivardhan.

“After the third fort, we had a doubt whether she would be able to continue but after taking a two-hour rest, Toshika was ready to climb forts again,” said Dr Apeksha Patil, Toshika’s mother.

Agawane who is an experienced climber made sure that Patil does not face fatigue and gets adequate rest between forts.

“All the four of us were travelling in a car which allowed her to take rest in between. Physically Patil is strong and she is more matured than eight-year-olds are and that makes the difference. She even enjoyed climbing during the night,” added Agawane.

Since the age of three, Patil enjoyed going uphill at temples and her parents never carried her on their shoulders.

“Even when she was small, she used to walk on the steps of Jejuri temple. In the morning she does yoga, and she also loves to do cycling,” added Tushar Patil, Toshika’s father.

Agawane added, “We will be active in climbing of forts. In the future, we will plan to take her on a big trek to see how she responds. If she continues to show her interest, then she could be a good mountaineer in the future.”

Umesh Zirpe, president, Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Mahasangh (AMGM)

“It is a good achievement and now I suggest that she takes professional training in mountaineering and move step by step ahead into the world of adventurous sports.”


Forts conquered by Toshika

Fort; Height; Timings; Total hours

Tikona; 3,500 feet; 5:30am to 6.38am; 1hr 8minutes

Tung; 3,527 feet; 8am to 9:35am; 1 hr 35 minutes

Korigad; 3,028 feet; 11.15 am to 12.33pm; 1 hr 18 minutes

Lohegad; 3389 feet; 2.33 pm to 3.29 pm; 56 minutes

Visapur; 3,553 feet; 3.48 pm to 5.15 pm; 1hr 27 minutes

Manaranjan; 2700 feet; 7.15 pm to 8.07pm; 52 minutes

Shrivardhan; 3000 feet; 8.07pm to 8.59pm; 52 minutes

*Of the 15 hours and 30 minutes Toshika was climbing for 7 hours and 44 minutes while the remaining time was spent reaching the destination.

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