India’s Jasprit Bumrah.(AFP)
India’s Jasprit Bumrah.(AFP)

India vs England, 3rd Test Day 4, highlights: Jasprit Bumrah five-for leaves England staring at defeat - as it happened

India will have to wait till the final day after their roll was turned into a battle of attrition initiated by two unlikely England batsmen in the Trent Bridge Test. Jasprit Bumrah fast forwarded India towards their target, snapping four wickets with the new ball to claim five in the innings, seven in all, in a superb comeback from injury. But England’s last wicket pair of Adil Rashid and James Anderson held out in the extended 30 minutes to keep India waiting till the last day. England were 311/9, 209 runs behind. India vs England Day 4 as it happened —

By HT Correspondent | Hindustan Times, New Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 21, 2018 11:54 PM IST
23:36 hrs IST

Day over

My word, that was a tense ending to the day. England survive it in the end but it’s not without tension. England have stretched the match into the final day but it’s delaying the inevitable, surely?

22:28 hrs IST

Day almost over

Only two more overs to go. 12 balls is all England need to see out to take the match into the final day and - maybe - give themselves a chance to save the match or deny the inevitable India victory as long as they can.

22:21 hrs IST

England close to seeing out day

England need only to bat out four more overs to ensure the Test lasts another day. Can they do it? Not if India have their way, but it isn’t impossible for the hosts to do.

22:12 hrs IST

Bumrah removes Broad

OUT! Bumrah dismisses Stuart Broad and completes his fifer. India now need one wicket to win this match. It just had to be him to get the wicket, not just because of the no-ball but because of the imperious form he has been in.

23:10 hrs IST

50-run partnership for 9th wicket

That Bumrah no-ball has proved very costly, as Broad and Rashid have brought up a fifty run partnership. How long can these two go? England would want them to take the game to the final day, at least.

22:58 hrs IST

Broad, Rashid defiant

India only need two wickets at this point but some wayward bowling has seen Stuart Broad and Adil Rashid cut loose a little. A wicket is needed soon if the Test must end today.

22:48 hrs IST

Kohli drops one in slips

Adil Rashid survives again. Shami got him to edge one to the slips but he flashed hard at it and Kohli didn’t react in time. He didn’t look best pleased at himself, did Kohli.

22:40 hrs IST

India need 2 wickets to win

Even putting aside Bumrah’s no-ball controversy, India are in the driver’s seat now. Those three wickets from the lanky pacer have England staring down the barrel of defeat. The question is will that defeat come today, or tomorrow?

22:28 hrs IST

Bumrah thwarted by the line again!

Bumrah got Adil Rashid to edge one to Virat Kohli and India were ecstatic... until the umpire checked for a no-ball. Bumrah’s been on the wrong side of such calls a few times and such is the case again. Rashid survives.

22:22 hrs IST

Pandya removes Stokes

OUT! Hardik Pandya gets the dangerous Ben Stokes to edge one to KL Rahul in the slip cordon. England are falling apart here. Can India wrap up the match today itself?

22:15 hrs IST

Bumrah strikes again

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah has now sent Chris Woakes back to the pavilion with an absolute snorter that climbs onto the batsman; he edges one to Pant. That’s very similar to the way Woakes was dismissed in the first innings.

22:06 hrs IST

Bumrah denied hat-trick

Bumrah’s hat-trick wasn’t meant to be. He tried an angling yorker but produced a full-toss that Woakes dispatches to the boundary. The field is an attacking one but that’s what is needed now.

22:04 hrs IST

Bumrah on hat-trick

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah strikes AGAIN, this time cleaning up Jonny Bairstow on his first ball. He is now on a hat-trick and England are on the ropes.

22:03 hrs IST

Buttler goes!

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah finally gets the major breakthrough, trapping Jos Buttler plumb. This is exactly what India needed. Buttler reviewed but it was umpire’s call on hitting the wickets. England have now lost half their side and still need 290 runs to win.

21:57 hrs IST

New ball, same results... for now

The new ball was in fact taken and shared between Bumrah and Pandya to begin with. However, neither of the two are unable to break this partnership. In fact, this is the highest fifth-wicket run partnership for England in the fourth innings of a Test.

21:45 hrs IST

Will new ball be taken?

R Ashwin and Hardik Pandya have worked hard to try and frustrate the two set batsmen but to absolutely no avail. The new ball is due now; it will be interesting to see if India take it. Conventional wisdom (and common sense) suggests they should: the current one is doing nothing for them.

21:30 hrs IST

Buttler gets maiden Test 100

What a knock this has been from Jos Buttler. He brings up his maiden Test century with a boundary off Mohammed Shami and deservedly soaks in the applause from the crowd at Trent Bridge.

21:14 hrs IST

Stokes hits 14th Test 50

Stokes brings up 14th Test fifty and this one is a brilliant knock from the all-rounder. One of his slowest fities in Test cricket. He has looked to play every ball on its merit. Stokes has ensured that he holds one end up as Buttler has played a fluent knock here.

21:00 hrs IST

Buttler and Stokes keep India at bay

After four wickets in the first hour-and-a-half, the Indian bowlers have had to keep at the duo of Buttler and Stokes as the two have batted quiet brilliantly here. While Buttler has been the aggressor at times, Stokes has shown great discipline to play every ball on its merit here. This is high-quality batting here on the fourth day of the Test match as India look to seal the deal.

20:50 hrs IST

Buttler calling the shots

While Stokes has looked to play the waiting game, Buttler has clearly looked to deal in boundaries in the post-tea session. In fact, Buttler has moved into the 80s here and looks good to go on and score a hundred here. This will be a brilliant knock from the batsman considering that England were four down in the opening session today. Stokes meanwhile has looked to take it slow and easy.

20:40 hrs IST

Buttler starts on the attack

Back from the tea break, Buttler is looking to take the attack to the Indian bowlers here as he has moved into the 70s now. Stokes though is looking to wait for the bad ball. Ishant looking to make use of the reverse swing along with Bumrah. The Indians will want to pick a wicket here and break this partnership that has frustrated them from the morning session.

20:10 hrs IST

Players take TEA

Buttler on 67 and Stokes on 42 as the players walk off for Tea. A brilliant effort from the England batsmen as they play out the session to show good signs of determination after losing four wickets in the first session. The score reads 173/4 and the hosts need another 348 runs. India need 6 wickets more to take the game.

20:02 hrs IST

Shami getting the ball to reverse

Hiding the ball in the non-bowling arm before release means the ball is starting to reverse and that is a good sign for Shami. This is exactly what he would want with tea round the corner. Another wicket here before the tea break will mean that it will be all about finishing things off in the third session for India.

19:52 hrs IST

Buttler & Stokes put on 100

100-run partnership for Buttler and Stokes here and that is a brilliant show from the two after England was struggling with 4 wickets down at one stage before the lunch break. This is a fightback of sorts even though the target is still miles away. If the two can bat till tea, that will be a great show.

19:41 hrs IST

Buttler hits 9th Test 50

A quality innings here from Buttler. Coming in with the backs to the wall, Buttler has combined beautifully with Stokes and gets a well-deserved 50. No.9 in Test match cricket for the batsman who has also kept wickets in India’s second innings in this game as Bairstow suffered a fracture.

19:39 hrs IST

Stokes saved by a whisker

The ‘umpire’s call’ saves Stokes as Ashwin hits the batsman on his pad. But the umpire says that is NOT OUT. Kohli goes for a review, but the call stays with the umpire. A huge cry from the fans in joy. A wry smile from Ashwin as he walks back to the bowling crease. Despite his injury, Ashwin has bowled a beautiful line and length.

19:30 hrs IST

Buttler and Stokes gring it out

The English batsmen refuse to give up in the second session. They have kept it slow and steady and only hit the bad balls. No unnecessary risk taken here even as Ashwin and Bumrah have looked to induce a couple of false shots with their disciplined line and length. The Indian bowlers have done a good job here and are hoping for the batsmen to make a mistake here.

19:20 hrs IST

Indian bowlers keep attacking

Buttler and Stokes have shown great determination here and not played any false shot as such. Just waiting for the odd bad ball and looking to pick the ones and twos till then and biding time at the crease. It will be a praiseworthy effort if these two can bat till tea here and put pressure on the Indian bowlers.

19:10 hrs IST

Bumrah troubling Buttler

Bumrah with his angle creates problem for Buttler, but the edge goes through the gap in the slip cordon. A wry smile on the face of Bumrah as the players walk off for a drink. The first hour gone after the lunch break and the English dressing room will hope that the duo of Buttler and Stokes bat for another hour and go into the tea break without losing a wicket.

18:50 hrs IST

Kohli turns to Ashwin

With the pacers failing to get the breakthrough, Kohli has turned to Ashwin who is half-fit here. Not really getting the pivot at the crease and any wicket here from Ashwin will be more than a bonus. Stokes and Buttler both looking good in the middle and not playing any undue risky shots. Just dealing in singles and doubles and waiting for the bad ball to put to the boundary. The score reads 113/4

18:40 hrs IST

Indian bowlers looking for wickets

Buttler and Stokes have looked really good in the post-lunch session. But the Indian bowlers have been at it and are bowling in the right channels outside and on the off-stump. Just waiting for the batsmen to make one mistake and get the slips into play. How long can these two hold fort?

18:30 hrs IST

Buttler & Stokes hold fort

Having lost some wickets in the first session to good balls combined with poor shots, Buttler and Stokes have come back strongly in this session and the first 20 minutes have seen them play some positive shots. They are looking to wait for the bad balls and not flirting with the ones just on or outside the off-stump.

18:20 hrs IST

The players are back after lunch

The players are back after the lunch break as Buttler and Stokes take strike. They have to ensure that they build a partnership in the post-lunch session. The Indian bowlers have been really good in bowling a consistent line. Can the English batsmen continue to keep the Indian bowlers at bay post the lunch interval? An interesting session on the cards.

17:30 hrs IST

LUNCH on Day 4

Buttler and Stokes have ensured that there are no more dismissals going into the lunch break after England lost a couple of quick wickets in Root and Pope. The Indian bowlers have been really good in bowling a consistent line. Can the English batsmen continue to keep the Indian bowlers at bay post the lunch interval? An interesting session on the cards. The score reads 84/4 as the players walk out for lunch.

17:20 hrs IST

Buttler and Stokes battle on

After losing a couple of quick wickets, Buttler and Stokes are now looking to ensure that the players go into the lunch break without losing any more wickets. It is very important for England to hold fort and dig in now after losing 4 wickets already in this session. 10 more minutes to go before the lunch break.

17:09hrs IST

Pandya into the attack

Kohli turns to his ‘fifer’ man from the first innings — Hardik Pandya. Pandya was just unplayable in the first innings, can he bring on the same magic in the second innings as well? England need Buttler and Stokes to stay at the crease till the lunch break that is round the corner. 21 minutes to go and that should be approximately 5 overs at max.

16:57 hrs IST

Pant drops Buttler

Once again Pant goes too far down the leg side and then fails to come back and take what would have been a regulation catch if he had held his position. The slip fielders pat him on the back as Bumrah walks back to the bowling crease. Buttler gets a life on 1.

16:51 hrs IST

Shami gets Pope

Shami strikes now and this is a brilliant reflex catch from skipper Kohli. Pope had no business playing that away from his body. Kohli was just too good jumping in front of the second slip. This after Bumrah dismissed Joe Root. Pope walks back for 16 as the score reads 62/4.

16:46 hrs IST

Bumrah strikes

Bumrah has been bowling a long spell this morning and he has dismissed Joe Root. This was the wicket needed. Root edges and KL Rahul has been on a roll in the slips and he does not make a mistake. The score reads 62/3 as Root goes for 13. Needed to stand up and make this one count.

16:40 hrs IST

Probing line from Shami

Having bowled a wayward line in the first innings, Shami has come back strongly in the second innings. Has so far shown great consistency as he has been hitting the right areas on and outside the off-stump. Root and Pope looking to put their heads down and just play out every over.

16:30 hrs IST

Bumrah bowling a long spell

While Kohli has replaced Ishant Sharma with Shami, Bumrah has been on from the morning. It has been an hour that the players came onto the field on the fourth day. Bumrah is looking to make this count and pick that one wicket that will further derail the English innings.

16:20 hrs IST

Root & Pope look to stitch partnership

After two quick wickets, Pope and Root are looking to stitch a partnership here and ensure that England go into the lunch break without losing another wicket. Playing it session by session is very important for the hosts now that they have lost two early wickets on the fourth morning.

16:10 hrs IST

Bumrah looking to join Ishant in wicket’s column

With Ishant picking the wickets of Jennings and Cook, Bumrah is looking to join his partner by picking a wicket. The two have bowled a brilliant spell and it is on Pope and Root to ensure that they don’t hand India another wicket before the lunch break.

16:00 hrs IST

Root and Pope look to combine

With Cook and Jennings back in the pavilion, it is now on skipper Root and Pope to combine and take England into lunch without losing another wicket here. The pitch is helping the bowlers and the Indians just need to keep pitching them in the right areas.

15:46 hrs IST

Ishant sends back Cook

The Indians are ecstatic here. Ishant Sharma picks the second wicket of the morning and this time it is the experienced Cook who walks back. Edges it straight to KL Rahul at second slip. The score reads 32/2. India need another 8 wickets while England need 489 runs to win this one.

15:40 hrs IST

Cook must hold fort

With Jennings back in the hut, it will be important for Cook to provide the right support to skipper Root as the two look to keep England alive in the game here on the fourth morning. Ishant and Bumrah both looking to pile pressure on the English batsmen.

15:30 hrs IST

Ishant gets Jennings

Ishant Sharma picks the wicket of Jennings. Was handed the ball by Kohli and gets enough movement to take the edge and Pant does the rest behind the wickets. A wicket in the first over of the day and the Indian team is celebrating. The score reads 27/1

15:20 hrs IST

Team India ready for action

15:10 hrs IST

Milestone beckons Ishant

Ishant Sharma, India’s most experienced bowler needs three more wickets to reach the milestone of 250 wickets in Test cricket. Having made his Test debut against Bangladesh in 2007, Ishant currently has 247 wickets in 85* matches played for India. Should Ishant reach the landmark he will become only the third Indian fast bowler to pick up 250 wickets. Only Zaheer Khan (311) and Kapil Dev (434) are ahead of him in pace bowling department. Overall Ishant is seventh on the list of leading wicket takers for India.

15:00 IST

Kohli equals Sehwag

14:50 hrs IST

Kohli overtakes Azhar

Virat Kohli’s century on the third day of the third Test against England at Trent Bridge in Nottingham helped put the Indian cricket team in a good position to win the match. However, it was also notable as Kohli’s 23rd ton saw him go past Mohammad Azharuddin’s tally of 426 runs to become the Indian captain with most runs in a series in England. India have been pretty much about their skipper in the last few seasons, especially since the start of 2018 when they began the first of three tough overseas assignments in South Africa. Kohli banished questions about his poor England record of 2014 with a brilliant 149 in the first Test at Edgbaston, though as skipper he desperately needed the other batsmen to join the party. And Trent Bridge has witnessed that team turnaround. On Monday, Kohli completed his 23rd century, which would have been the 24th but for his getting out for 97 in the first innings.

14:40 hrs IST

Kohli leading from the front

India had been pretty much about their skipper in the last few seasons, especially since the start of 2018 when they began the first of three tough overseas assignments in South Africa. Kohli banished questions about his poor England record of 2014 with a brilliant 149 in the first Test at Edgbaston, though as skipper he desperately needed the other batsmen to join the party. And Trent Bridge has witnessed that team turnaround. On Monday, Kohli completed his 23rd century, which would have been the 24th but for his getting out for 97 in the first innings. Unlike Edgbaston, he had ensured he had wingmen in both innings, putting India on course for a remarkable turnaround win. It was a different version of Kohli. In Edgbaston, he withstood a monumental battle with England spearhead James Anderson. And though he won that personal duel, and bowlers delivered 20 wickets for the fourth overseas Test in a row, other batsmen were a let down.

14:30 hrs IST

Pujara looks beyond centuries

Cheteshwar Pujara said on Monday it wasn’t personal glory that mattered while playing in tough overseas conditions but contributing to the team. The India No 3 scored a crucial 72 and raised a 113-run stand with skipper Virat Kohli (103) to leave the visitors eyeing victory in the Trent Bridge Test. “When you are playing away from home, it’s not about scoring big hundreds. It is about having enough runs on the board, collectively. Maybe sometimes the openers (didn’t) score more than 30-40 runs, but they are quite valuable for the team. Personally, I always want to score a hundred in any game I play, but at the same time you have to be realistic,” he said.

14:20 hrs IST

Farbrace wants players to learn from Kohli

Virat Kohli’s masterclass in the England Test series has left the hosts’ assistant coach Paul Farbrace gushing, and urging his batsmen to learn from how the world’s best batsman has dominated quality bowling in seaming conditions. Asked if the Trent Bridge knock made Kohli the best batsman in the world, Farbrace told reporters: “You would be hard-pressed to argue against him being seen as the best player in the world at the moment. The way that he has developed, played through this series; he has played fantastically. It’s fantastic to see someone playing the game in that way. He’s a high-quality player and he’s shown that he’s learned a lot on this tour alone. The way he has tinkered (with technique), the way he has practised and worked on his game, he thoroughly deserves the runs he’s scored.”

14:10 hrs IST

Kohli does a Tendulkar

Ever since he took over the responsibility of being Team India’s premier run-scorer in international cricket, Virat Kohli has always been thought of as the heir to Sachin Tendulkar’s crown. The two of them are widely regarded as the best batsmen of their respective generations and Kohli is stacking up records, one after another, just like his idol Tendulkar. On Monday, Kohli did something, which might be a freak coincidence, but it further proved that the two careers are following a similar path. This was Kohli’s 58th century in international cricket. If you are a stats-tragic and love to scratch the surface even more then you will be surprised to know that both the batsmen ended their innings with 103 runs and played exactly the same number of deliveries, that is 197 balls. The hundred in Nottingham is Kohli’s 23rd Test ton while Tendulkar scored his 27th ton against England at Ahmedabad.

13:50 hrs IST

Pujara has a chat with Sridhar

13:40 hrs IST

Pandya has reason to smile

13:30 hrs IST

Hello and welcome

Skipper Virat Kohli scored his 23rd Test century as a dominant India took giant strides towards victory in the third cricket Test against England on Monday. Courtesy Kohli’s 103, his second ton of the series, India declared their second innings at 352 for seven, leaving the hosts an improbable victory target of 521 runs. Kohli’s runs came off 197 balls and was studded with 10 boundaries. He shared 113 runs for the third wicket with Cheteshwar Pujara (72), who also returned to form after a dismal outing in the second Test. Hardik Pandya also made an useful contribution after his maiden five-wicket haul, smashing a run-a-ball 52 with the help of seven boundaries and hit over the fence. Kohli seemed in no mood to drag the innings any further and decided to declare the innings, handing his bowlers nine overs to go full throttle. But Alastair Cook (9 not out) and Keaton Jennings (13 not out) played cautiously to fend off the nine overs with England still needing another 498 runs for win with two full days play remaining.

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