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Is ‘number therapy’ the new faith?

Can a mobile number change your life? Well, you can take a call on that. One businessman swears a changed number changed his fortunes.Vimal Chander Joshi reports.
Hindustan Times | By Vimal Chander Joshi, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 06, 2008 02:40 PM IST

Can a mobile number change your life? Well, you can take a call on that. But businessman Rohit Jhanab, swears a changed number changed his fortunes. He changed his SIM card on the advice of a numerologist, and “things did a complete turnaround”.

Ditto, says Niharika Sharma, an engineering student in Bangalore. She used to fall ill frequently. When medication did no good, she tried the ‘number therapy.’ It worked. “I barely visit my doctor now,” she says.

Cellphone-users are making a beeline for numerologists to get their numbers changed. They also want to know how colours and screensavers can impact their lives.

Dr Seema Midha, a Delhi-based numerologist, says she has counselled more than 2,000 people to change their mobile numbers last year. With elections looming, politicians are a big catchment. “Several BJP leaders in Delhi have changed their cell phone numbers on my advice. One senior MP recently got his number changed,”she says. Her client list, she claims, includes TV actors and corporate honchos. Lokender Singh, CEO of Animax India, zeroed in on his new cell number after a session with a numerologist. “It’s a matter of faith,” he says.

Jagmohan Singh Sachdeva, a numerologist at the city-based International Institute of Alternate Science, says the trend is here to stay. It’s particularly true for those who are “starting a new business.”

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