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Mass comm: Only Indraprastha offers it

The Department of Mass Media and Mass Communication offers a three-year degree course called Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication.
Hindustan Times | By Dr Manasvini M Yogi
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 04:31 PM IST

The Department of Mass Media and Mass Communication offers a three-year degree course called Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication.

Indraprastha is the only college that has this course. The course started in 1999. Seven batches have graduated and are very well placed in the industry. The course was started not only for the job opportunities it offered but also what students could achieve with these skills in terms of social change and development. It is a mix of art and technology, entertainment and information, commitment and capability, skill and sensitivity.

There is no special orientation required except that the aspirant should have the aptitude, interest in the field of media and with stars in ones eyes. This course is not meant for those who are attracted to the glamour involved in this line. The three-year degree course has six semesters. The course content has papers on advertising, print, TV journalism, camera, editing etc.

*Semester I: English-functional, Hindi-functional, political science, international politics, psychology of communication and language, and communication — oral/aural/visual media.

*Semester II: English II, Hindi II, visual communication, radio journalism, projects on radio, TV or video.

*Semester III: Social ethics and media, media ethics, state control vs freedom of issues of censorship.

*Semester IV: Public opinion survey, advertising: print, advertising: non–print; visual sound, projects, computer awareness.

* Semester V: Production techniques — print; production techniques & methods — photography/camera; production techniques and methods — electronic; production techniques — computer and Internet.

*Semester VI: Camera for TV, video editing, film editing.

There is an emphasis on hands-on training. The college has its own audio-visual studio with latest equipment and facilities. We are not looking for any particular background of the student, but if one wants to succeed in this field one should be creative and imaginative.

We started this course with the sole objective that a student, after completing this course, can straight away go into the job market and need not go in for a post-graduation. The academic options are to specialise in filmmaking, direction, media management, corporate communication courses at Jamia Milia, FTII-Pune or any university abroad.

But we advise students to at least work for one or two years. There are various career options available — in TV news channels as reporters, anchors, production, cameraperson etc. In advertising companies, as copy writers. In public relations, in web designing, filmmaking, newspapers, magazines, production houses etc.

Our students are doing very well all over India and abroad. To name a few, Ritika Jhanji, anchor with NDTV India, Tracy Shilshy, news anchor with CNN IBN, Neha Mehta, who is with the Hindustan Times, and Garima Goel, who is with Star News, among many others.

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