CAT 2017: Just a few days left, here are six things to remember
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CAT 2017: Just a few days left, here are six things to remember

Make sure you do a few mock tests to improve on your weak points and focus on attempting ‘trick’ questions of the past few years

education Updated: Nov 08, 2017 13:27 IST
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Focus on mock tests, but it’s advisable to not do too many of them in the last few days. (Getty Images)

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2017 for admission to Indian Institutes of Management and other premium B-schools is on November 26, just a few days away.

So what should you be doing now to ensure you are well prepared for the test?

Ankur Jain, chief knowledge expert, T.I.M.E, advises that in this period, test aspirants should do mock tests and analyse the results. They can also revise important concepts and formulae.

On the ideal strategy to adopt in the last few weeks, he advises aspirants to not do too many of the mocks - like two every day. That’s overkill.

However, a moderate pace should be maintained. Focus on doing a few mocks, and more importantly, analyse the results and weak areas. Then, take another mock. Most aspirants can manage this in two to three days per cycle, so you can take two to three mocks per week.

If you feel confident then maybe you can manage more, but if you feel the need to improve then do one to two tests in a week.

Do the mock at the time of your actual exam slot. This will sync your body clock and body cycle and allow your performance levels to peak on the exam day.

1. Important topics for last minute revision

There is nothing less or more important in CAT. CAT as a rule can spring a few surprises. Don’t focus on vocabulary- building or starting new grammar rules, but do take a look at the tricky questions in the quantitative aptitude section and check out the common mistakes aspirants usually make in the grammar section.

2. Increasing speed and accuracy

Speed is a function of accuracy. Build accuracy first and then with repeated practice, you will be able to build up speed. Also, don’t lose the sense of urgency while writing the exam - this will stop you from dwelling unnecessarily on longer and time-consuming questions.

3. Staying calm and focused

Focus on the alternatives. Thinking that CAT is the only thing in your life will create unnecessary pressure. Think of past successes and how to overcome hurdles.

4. Achieving maximum accuracy

Maximum accuracy is not a desirable aim. In the CAT, due to time pressure and negative marking, doing questions with 100% or nearly 100% accuracy can lead to a drop in the score/percentile since you might not have been able to attempt all questions.

First, look at all the questions and do the ones that are less time consuming. You can do the sections in two rounds. In the first round, do the easy questions and bookmark the moderate ones. In the second round use the “show bookmarked questions” feature to do the moderate ones and drop the tough ones.

5. Number of questions should one attempt to score 99+ percentile

One does not have the answer to this since it all depends on the difficulty level of the test. In a difficult test students might not be able to complete all the answers - so your focus should be on trying to attempt as many questions as you can in the given time.

First Published: Nov 08, 2017 13:27 IST