DU online classes: OTT surfing, meme-making, snacking... all that happens BTS

Delhi University students say that when bored from virtual classrooms, they have all the freedom to do things that weren’t possible in physical classes before.
Delhi University students share how they are coping with online classes in the new semester.(Photo: Twitter)
Delhi University students share how they are coping with online classes in the new semester.(Photo: Twitter)
Published on Sep 02, 2020 01:46 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByAprajita Sharad

“The cooker whistle form my kitchen is audible to the entire class when I’m answering a question that teachers ask in the online class. All my classmates burst into laughter when it first happened, and now all of us know ki kiske ghar se bartano ki awaaz aati hai aur kiske yahan pe doggy hai... Throughout the class we keep pinging each other on our class WhatsApp group asking aaj Mummy ne khane me kya banaya hai? The teacher can’t catch us talking like that,” chuckles Nandini Chauhan, a Hindu College student.


The new semesters for senior students have begun in Delhi University, and the format of online classes is giving students all the ways in the world to ensure there’s enough to not to get bored! These youngsters have quite a few tips and tricks to deploy, and transform virtual college classrooms into fun spaces. “When you’re in a long online class, your head starts hurting. But, what if you get to binge watch an OTT series, after all the whole trick is to look straight into the camera, and stay glued to the screen once attendance is over,” says Manmohan M, another student of Hindu College, adding, “When I feel like online classes are becoming an ordeal, I casually start scrolling through OTT platforms. Once, I saw a full episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. during my online class!”


Some students are making optimum use of the time by brushing their meme making skills during classes. “Yeh online classes itni pakau hoti hain. Humse naa ho payega! I once wrote this on a picture of a Minion, and everyone started sharing it in the college WhatsApp groups. When it was circulated so much that it reached me, I realised this has an audience for it... then I started make memes and now all my classmates share them across social media platforms. These are funny, relatable and engaging for them. Aur duniyawalon ko bhi to pata chale how tiring it is to sit six hours in front of a laptop watching buffering videos, warna parents ko to yehi lagta hai ki sara din karte kya hain,” says Niranjan S, a student of Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC).

For students who have a tough time getting up in the morning for the first class, albeit online, a yummy breakfast lures them into the deal. Divya Sree, a student of Hansraj College, says, “In a physical class, when we are face to face with the teacher, no one is permitted to eat or even have a cold drink. But, in virtual classes, since we have to be usually on mute, I eat anything I want, that too while in the comfort of lousing in my PJs! Me and my friends often answer to our roll calls and then either fall back to sleep or order an amazing breakfast to keep ourselves awake!”


But what if not paying attention in the class puts you in spotlight? Internet comes to the rescue! “I have handled many such tough situations in my online classes. Once, I was randomly questioned about the chapter we were studying and I had phased out and was using the time to give myself a nice manicure. But then, I quickly googled the answer and saved my day. My friends don’t believe that I googled the answer and since then have started calling me a snide; they think I study secretly and fool them,” laughs Gayatri KP, a Miranda House student.

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