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Bring out the entrepreneur in you: The 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a job creator from a seeker in 2024!

ByGaurav Sarma, New Delhi
Feb 22, 2024 12:43 PM IST

Being a job creator comes with many challenges, but if you have a solid determination to make it work, nothing can stop you from being successful.

“When will I start working?” – have you asked yourself this question as a teenager? Right from our adolescent years or maybe even earlier than that, we start having serious thoughts about working in a good position as an adult - whether it be in the corporate sector or the government machinery, and earn sufficiently well to lead a life of comfort and purpose.

Individuals who are willing to do all that it takes to start their venture create employment opportunities for others while being their own masters at the same time. (Shutterstock)
Individuals who are willing to do all that it takes to start their venture create employment opportunities for others while being their own masters at the same time. (Shutterstock)

While getting employed is a normal and universal phenomenon, how would the scenario be if you were to be a job creator rather than a job seeker? As simple as it may sound, this option is only considered by individuals who are willing to do all that it takes to start their venture, thereby creating employment opportunities for others while being their own masters at the same time.

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Surveys done as recently as September 2023 show most of the millennials and Gen-Z are inclined towards starting their businesses but not always able to make much headway owing to familial responsibilities or financial constraints.

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The road to becoming an entrepreneur is not all rosy – it may take months, even years to set up your dream project. You must be ready to take all the risks that come your way in order to reap the harvest eventually. But if you have a good plan in mind with a solid determination to materialize it, the outcome is bound to yield the desired results.

Thankfully, there are several schemes launched by the Government of India today that aim to aid individuals, particularly the youth in their journey to entrepreneurship. Some of these schemes include Startup India, Standup India, Atal Innovation Mission, and Credit Guarantee, to name a few.

To know more about the benefits of becoming a job creator, Hindustan Times spoke to some of the entrepreneurs who were once employed in well-paying jobs but chose to carve out a different niche for themselves.

1. Gives you a new identity

A primary benefit of becoming an entrepreneur is that it gives you a new identity and a sense of pride. Take the example of Avilekh Ranjan Das, a former employee of Amazon who decided the turn the table and do ‘something on his own.’ Today, he is a proud owner of a popular resort in Guwahati.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Avilekh recalled, “After an incredible 5-year stint in Amazon, I wanted to start a venture of my own. I had been thinking about it for the longest time. I returned to my hometown with a clear objective to set up a business for myself. Although I am still on the journey, I am proud to be called an entrepreneur. It has allowed me to see life from another perspective, facing challenges head-on, and the importance of keeping patience in life.”

2. A solution to unemployment

Unemployment continues to be a major issue in India, with most individuals still finding it difficult to get employed. This is where you can make a change by becoming an entrepreneur. In other words, by setting up a business, you also open avenues for others to join your firm. “By setting up my resort, I have also ensured that I generate employment opportunities as most of the staff that are working in my resort are from the rural belt who were unemployed for a very long time,” said Avilekh.

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3. Success hits you differently

It's true that being employed in a job is safe and leads you to success as you climb up the corporate ladder. Yet, the happiness you derive when your own venture touches the profit charts is unparalleled, as the profit not only relates to your success but provides immense gratification for being able to create smiles in the lives of others.

For instance, Bichitra Kumar Sarma, a real estate developer, once occupied a managerial position at Macneil and Magor Limited, a tea company of great repute in India. However, he chose to be on his own and be a job creator rather than a seeker. He said, “Despite the company providing me with good perks and a reasonably good pay package, I always had it within me to do something on my own and become a service provider. This urge and self-belief prompted me to leave the company and start my business as a real estate promoter, generating self-employment for a few associated with my company.

4. Attaining leadership qualities

Being a job creator requires you to have leadership qualities to ensure your business is on the right track. “The values you set as the team leader is a primary motivating factor for your employees,” said Gangesh Das, who risked all odds to start his transport venture. He stated, “When you are start your venture, you will have to be ready to take risks, and constantly give your team the motivation when times are tough. You can only excel as an entrepreneur when you have a team that looks up to you as the pilot of the ship, and not someone who only gives instructions.”

5. The experience of a lifetime

Finally, the thrilling part of being an entrepreneur is that you will have the experience of being a provider and social benefactor throughout your life.

“The glamour of a white-coloured job is certainly satisfying. But it cannot substitute the gratification of the job creator as the impact of his efforts perpetuates through generations culminating in the benefit of many others and by extension, of the society at large,” said Bibhuti Dutta, an established businessman and Resident Director at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (North East Region).

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