Hail to thee, lovely college life

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Jul 28, 2010 11:39 AM IST

At last our campus journalists get to enter the college gates as eligible students. Here they share with us the special moments from their first day in college with a prayer that the coming three years will pave a new path for them

Kshitij Sharan Hindu College

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LOL. This motto is so apt for Delhi University. All the students of DU are so dedicated to the truth. We never bunk. We never drink. We never use our phones in class and we absolutely never even think of a small corner in our college where we can smoke.

My orientation was ruined for me because of the rain. I was drenched as I entered Hindu, into the huge, admirable auditorium with the Principal talking about the Principles of Hinduites. As his phone started to ring during his speech, we knew that our DU life had begun. The first day of college; I was looking forward to some playful ragging, but I was unfortunate; most would contrarily call it fortunate.

My first class, the next day, was at 9:45 am, but I woke up only at 9 am. As I rushed out of the house, I reached just in time for my second class at 10:40 am. It was on Logic, an amazing subject. On this first day we were just introduced to the subject. On the second day I attended both my lectures. It was an amazing feat, as no one seemed to care. The lecturer came I think half an hour late for a 50 minute class, as I thought to myself; “Waah!..these are gonna be a fun three years.” There was only one class scheduled for the third day, and I wasn’t surprised when the teacher told us that she was going to bunk (in a politer manner). Therefore, I learnt a lot in my first one-and-a-half days of college.

My fellow countrymen, lend me your ears. Delhi Univ is awesome. Period. It’s the most fun loving educational institute you will ever come across. We don’t need to bunk because the teachers bunk. We can have an amazing meal in ‘50 and we make friends who will be with us for the rest of our lives. But for those who want to learn, I am sorry, this is not for you. If only passing and a placement is your objective then DU is perfect, but not to be able to actualise your potential. After experiencing it for almost two days, I’m confused. In the end, I would like to tell my readers that I would probably be going abroad to pursue my learning and the path to my maximum potential. Wish me Luck!!

Vanshika Lady Sri Ram College for Women

Step one: Look Straight; Step two: Walk straight; Strep Three: Be confident; Step four: Forget it all and simply enjoy the experience.

The orientation on the 20th in every sense told me that I am lucky to be here. The performances by splendid different societies acted as the best possible channel to convey to all the freshers that the next three years would be the best opportunity to find ourselves. I never expected any Principal to have such a strong impact on me as she differentiated on following our own style in the college rather than fashion when she precisely said: “Fashion says look at me and style says I am here.”
The Department Orientation next day was where we had an interactive session with our seniors. And no, we were not ragged. As boring as it may sound, it was a better way to have ourselves introduced to an entirely new world.

Within three days the misinterpretations and hesitations of an all girl’s college have been dumped out of my mind. Where I thought I’ll witness a world taking care of what they need to wear, all that I’ve seen in the genesis is a world which believes in being themselves. I dare deny that I don’t have inhibitions since I have come across exceptional talent in the very beginning, yet I have also come across highly encouraging teachers who appreciate learning and suggestions. As for the butterflies in the tummy our concerned, I am already craving for Kathi Rolls served in our Café.


Saumya Aggarwal Kamla Nehru College

It’s the start of something new. It’s the end of so much and the beginning of so much more.

21st July 2010 — The first day in college started with me smiling like a 12-year-old with the maturity of a 17-year-old. It started with me waking up to the ringing up of my alarm clock. It started with me mulling over what to wear for half an hour. It started with my dad’s proud smile reflecting his inner happiness and giving me his fatherly-bear-hug. It started with my mom cooking my favorite breakfast for me and kissing me on the forehead before I left. It started with my sister wishing me best of luck still half asleep. It started with my friends from school calling up to wish me best of luck. It started with people on the way telling me which way to go. It started with me and some of my colleagues introducing themselves in pure hindi to the entire second and third year batch. It started with me proving myself on the very first day itself. It started with me dreading it and then enjoying every minute of it.

My first day in my college started with my realisation of having grown up.

I’m no longer the same convent school girl, I’m a collegiate. Thirteen years back I was just like any other school girl. Today, I’m 17 years old, completely capable of taking care of myself. I’m living the (much talked about) DU dream, finally and fully.

Now I hope to make every day in college just as my first day. Maybe even better. (wink)


Soham Shiva Hindu College

When I was puny, I dreamt of meeting aliens. I never knew I’ll meet them so soon though. College still feels strangely extra-terrestrial, and I’m yet to walk with an easy breath. My rather thrilling past compels me into drawing parallels with the present, which often leads to disappointment. That said, thankfully there are definitely some avenues of relief — the ragging hoopla for one. Ragging was almost zilch in Hindu, and whatever bit was present, did more to promote fun than paranoia. The seniors’ warmth and welcoming attitude put our apprehensions at ease.

I found the subject (Philosophy) to be very intriguing, and the teachers do brilliantly well to promote it. The college societies begin their auditions this week, and I hope my active involvement with them will help take away this initial loneliness. Three years lie ahead, and I’m sure that all wrinkles will iron out with time. These years will be a fusion of dreams and reality, and when I pass out, I’ll probably be much different from the present.

This is our last column, and I’d like to thank all those who followed it. It was an honour documenting this journey from one phase of life to another; a journey that will create many ‘mettle’ bridges to destiny. Special thanks to Sugam Singhal for recommending me as a campus journalist. While my contribution may just be like sand within a tornado, the very winds have taken me to destinations previously unknown. I’ll sign out for the last time, leaving you with some food for thought... “Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.” Keep dreaming.


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