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The time is now!

As the admission season kickstarts, HT Horizons campus journalists (CJ’s), share the trials and tribulations of negotiating the process

education Updated: Jun 01, 2011 09:34 IST
Hindustan Times

Diksha Jain
Springdales School, Pusa Road

But the most important thought occupying my mind at the moment is, whether I should give priority to the course or to the college

One would like to believe that life before Boards result is about anticipation and fear of making it or not. But for me, days post the result have been very tiring. Whoever I meet asks me about my marks and my future plans. Some congratulate me, while others encourage me by saying that I will definitely get admission into a good college. But the most important thought that is occupying my mind at the moment is, whether I should give priority to the course or to the college. While 93% is a decent score, still am not sure if it will be enough to fetch me economics (honours) at St Stephens.

Some suggest that I should compromise on the course and give preference to the creamy layer of colleges. While others are telling me to stick to the course of my choice even if I don’t get into the top-most college. As of now, I have purchased the form for St Stephens, where I will be applying for economics (honours) and English (honours). Apart from that, as June 15, the date when the cut off lists will be out, is nearing, the anticipation along with uncertainty is on a rise. However, I am confident that I’ll land up somewhere or the other, because destiny sure has something good in store...

Zinnia Sharma
St Thomas’ School

While you’re busy running this mad race, slow down and think, is it even worth it?

Amidst all this turmoil of running for forms and demand drafts and making huge career decisions, I feel inadequate with whatever we have because there is someone still ahead of you in the race. But I strongly believe that no matter what we achieve in life, we must strive to be happy and satisfied. So, while you’re busy running this mad race, slow down and think to yourself, is it worth compromising your present for your future?

When we reach Class 9, they say it’s the most vital class and if we give our best, the remaining three years become slightly easier. Then in Class 10, we’re told that being the first year of public examination, we must take it seriously now. Then in Class 11, they say is the first leap towards building a successful career, and unlike the rest, we must work hard now. In Class 12, the words, ‘it’s now or never’, are constantly told and re-told. This process just doesn’t end, when you are in college, or are looking for a job or are working; there is always this one more step to take.

We must work hard, yes — give our best shot in everything. But then whatever the results are, we must not miss out on the beautiful visions on the way. Live the moment because it’s important to keep it real!

Parushi Ruhil
St Thomas’ School

I can rejoice that things have become convenient, but the charm of roaming around DU is gone forever

There is an eerie sense of happiness around me. My neighbours, friends, cousins, enemies and everyone in general have scored extremely well. But what is the use of these marks if we have to sit for entrances to get to that perfect college for myself? Aren’t your Board results supposed to take care of that? I am extremely disappointed to be taking admission in Delhi University this year when all the fun is missing. I used to love the admission process for the maddening, long queues, scorching heat, pair of shorts, cotton-tees and banta on-the-go. I was so eager to experience it all myself this year as the admission process began. But, what a dampener the exercise has been. With almost everything available online, from forms to college information, the hustle bustle is missing. I can rejoice that things have become much more convenient, but the fun of roaming around the streets of DU is gone forever. The mad rush, heightened adrenaline and a peek-a-boo at the future fashion trends in the university are now a thing of the past. I so wish I could experience it just once.

Filling forms is so mechanical now.

Aditya Srivastava
Hansraj Modern School, Punjabi Bagh

People usually quote ‘It’s now or never’, I say ‘It’s now or tomorrow or day after’ as there’s always hope for something great to happen

People always feel the need to do something to relax, some like to play, some like to watch movies,
a lot would just sleep (that’s the best part isn’t it?). While others would like to study for entrance exams and make it to a great college, I, on the other hand like to write; it pacifies me in this loud place where everyone wants a share of the big cookie called success (I always liked cakes though).

Talking about success, the Board results are finally out. I scored 87%, with which I’m quite content with and happy about.

But for non-med students like me, it’s not the Board results that matter. What really matters to us are competitive exams, which is our only ticket to get into an engineering college. The IIT results also came out just after the Board results, and naturally they were disappointing.

But not making it to IIT is not the end of the road; the disappointment is surely there but the hopes are still high on AIEEE-2011 results that will decide the fate of 11 lakh students all over India, including me.

People usually quote ‘it’s now or never’, but I believe in a different theory of, ‘it’s now or tomorrow or day after tomorrow’. I mean, the world hasn’t come to an end, there’s always hope for something great to happen any moment. We just need to be optimistic and smart enough to grab the opportunity at the right moment because the fact of life remains that, it’s not too late, rather one can say that it’s never too late!

Ishita Jindal
Modern School, Barakhamba Road

Let’s get ourselves a make-over and head towards college aka ‘the masti ka adda’

School’s over! This fact took quite a while to sink in and the realisation just hit. I was still looming in the past, remembering days when we would rush each morning to the bus stop. But there are no more buses to catch at 7 in the morning, no more tuition, and no more homework to do (who did it anyway?). No more doing what we don’t like.

It’s high time — time to waste some time! Let’s get ourselves a make-over and head towards college aka ‘the masti ka adda’.

College is all about fun (or so we’ve heard). New friends, new campus, new books (who are we kidding?) and new us. All things that always fascinated me are finally coming my way. It’s going to be the start of a new life and one without many restrictions now. I can happily enjoy life like I want to (or believe that for now). Cause, It’s my life and I’ll do what I want!

Rhiju Talukdar
St Columba’s School

The odds of getting into a good college seem dicey... CATE had better go well

I hate TV! I hate almost every programme on TV and the handful ofgood ones can be downloaded from the internet. One saving grace for television is the IPL. Indeed, it’s commercial but it’s just what you need to stray your admission tension. Eco honors cut-offs too high? No problem, neither is Punjab’s score! Hate yourself for not scoring well enough? Now hate Balaji for giving KKR away! Confused about the new procedure? Ogle at Bangalore’s cheerleaders, they are far better looking than some DU counsellors and twice as helpful — well in a way!

Besides KKR’s knockout, I have to say the week’s been quite eventful; board results and the beginning of the DU admission grind. I made my way to North Campus this week for the Stephen’s and CATE forms. I have to mention how much I hate DD’s (demand drafts). God knows what people have against cash!

With this, I’ve taken my first step on the dark highway of opportunity called the University of Delhi. There aren’t enough bantawalas around and my odds of getting into a good college seem dicey. Fingers crossed, my CATE better go well!

First Published: May 31, 2011 12:20 IST