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Adi taking keen interest in Anushka

Aditya Choprahas been constantly guiding Anushka about settling in show town.

entertainment Updated: Jan 12, 2009 14:12 IST
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Ek island bane nyaara

Howdee doo hoo my sugarkissed jellies? Blame it on these Monday morning blues that I instantly wanna take off for a holiday to an island far away.

Of course, my loyal staff will accompany me, including my billi boo Laraboo and even my research assistant Dimwit Mirza.. can’t afford to leave her alone in my luxury duplex here. My beau Vyjjy has offered to scout for the best options for me.

Listen dahlings, I’ve got some piping hot news on my kaaliberry. A lovey dovey darling saheli from Dubai buzzed me early today to fill my ears with some khabar on Rekha. Apparently, she’s buying an island.. located some kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah in UAE. My eye candy (and dream arm candy) Johnny Depp too owns an island. Now you know why he tops my wishlist.

Anyway, back to my darlingest Ré. My sakhi whispers to me that it’s a project called The World Islands comprising 250 tiny-mini islands, shaped like the seven continents on Earth. And La Ré is believed to have chosen the one shaped like New Zealand. Why? why? Must ask her when I meet her the next time.

I always knew that my dearest Ré has classic taste.. unlike some vintage movie men who still insist on repairing ancient ceiling fans in their Juhu bungalows. Eeeeeww.. how down market is that!

Adi se puchh lena

Okay, now this is one piece of news that’s surely not going to make Rani Mukherji’s day. When have I cared about her? So, here it goes. Seems Aditya Chopra is taking ‘keen’ interest in Anushka Sharma’s career.

Madhu my Mottu Maid was to interview Anushka, but every time she called, she was told that ‘Madam is busy in a meeting with Aditya Chopra.’ And this went on for a couple of hours.

After enquiries, my darling Mots discovered that Adi bhai has been constantly guiding Anushka (literally) about settling in show town.

After every question, Anushka rushed to Adi bhai’s cabin to apprise him of the sawaal, so he could tell her what jawab to give.

At the end of her q and a, Mots tried to be a little smart and asked a question directed towards Adi bhai. Needless to say, she’s still waiting for an answer.

Such busy bodies really
Oh no.. now she has a new complaint, this Mottu. She’s cribbing about Lara Dutta and Dino Morea (tell me who isn’t?). Why them of all people, I thundered.

She clarifies with trembling hands that they were associated with a basketball event and she wanted to imbibe some gyaan about her favourite sport. Mottu was about to call Lara but was informed she was busy (where? where? where?). And if she wanted.. Mottu, not Lara sillies.. she could do a sawaal-jawaab session with Dino.

Well well, does that mean that Dinoji doesn’t have anything to do and is merely twiddling his thumbs? But then again, when does he have anything to do? Tsk tsk.

Hey Mottu.. daily chores are pending. Get cracking now!

Topi ke neeche
Rapchick Rajni returned from her holiday to discover that her stock of groceries was over. So she trudged to Hyper City in Goregaon. While she was busy checking out some bargains, she spotted a tall, well-built guy, half his face covered with a cap, trying to avoid being recognised.

Being suspicious by nature, Rajni left her purchases and shadowed the man. In turn, he tried harder to escape her eye. I’m told this chase drama would have gone on forever, till Rajni caught his face in a mirror.

Turned out to be Ronit Roy. Of course, no one else in the whole supermarket cared a hoot about him. Reallly now! What’s wrong with Rajni? Hope she’s not spending too much time with that dumb Dimwit Mirza these days.

Keep safe distance
Excusé moi while I answer this call on my kaaliberry. Turns out to be my cuisine consultant Bidhi Varghava, claiming to have some andar ki khabar from tinsel ville.

She’s saying that there’s this particular actress, whom everyone in the unit kept safe distance from during a recent outdoor spell in London.

Reason: she used too much deodorant. What’s wrong about it? But well, her deo made the unitwalas feel uncomfortable. I wondered why. But Bidhi just laughs off saying I can be too innocent at times.. and I should meet her to understand why people don’t want to go anywhere near the actress.

I told her I have no guzaarish to meet such folks. Bidhi’s still laughing. Ooof, kya karun? But then, such is life dearies.