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Amrita Rao set to shock industry with Shortkut

It seems, Amrita Rao is all set to shock people with her new look in movie Shortkut.

entertainment Updated: Jan 23, 2009 15:36 IST
Hindustan Times

From tremors to temerity
Hello hello my rays of sunshine. The deep and dark clouds in my life thicken every day. Along with Madhu my Mottu Maid, my Agony bua Vaziran, former research assistant Dimwit Mirza, now there’s a Bhaago Blog Aaya element in my life. Hope it vanishes like all clouds do.

Of course, every day I have sooo much material that I can usually just about pack in a word or two about my darlingest Dadoo B. But hail Lord Budhha, or hail Lord Gautam, I don’t know who edits, cleans, or straightens my Dadoo’s outpourings. Indeed, the whole juxtaposition is that I’m seriously worried. Haemoglobin’s shooting up! What are these words and phrases that Dadoo is using?

Enjoy! Vis-à-vis Slumdog Millionaire, Dadoo asserts that he didn’t demean the film. Headlines were created by the media. Haiiiiinh? Fine. But what’s this? Writes the innocent hand, “No one has the temerity to read the blog to judge whether what (the) media wrote was justifiable or not.” He means no one had, not has. And he means justified, not justifiable.

Anyway, what doth temerity mean? As far as normal dictionaries go, it means “extremely confident behaviour that people are likely to consider rude.” Now he wants readers to be RUDE??

As for Anil Kapoor being quite cool about his blog, yes yes sure. If he only knew.. I do! Such innocence and sweetness Dadoo exudes. He doesn’t manipulate journalist ‘friends’ either. Now that’s a storrrrrrry! Pardon the extra rrrrrs. I’m just feeling so not Wren, Martin and B. Such temerity, man!

Pray of hope
News has reached Mottu’s ears that Govinda organised a havan at his Juhu bungalow on Wednesday.. in order to bring stability into his domestic and professional lives.

My ancestors used to adore Govindaji. He used to be a cutie dancer. Really, I’ll send up my domestic prayers for him too.. to prevent him from becoming unpredictable, from fearing the colour red, from editing out co-actors’ scenes, from turning up very late on the sets.. and so much more.

That’ll be a long prayer but I’ll do it. Must.

Drop in, drop out
Now since he’s in the news and in everyone’s views, let me tell you that he’s dropped out of an Ajay Devgan production to be directed by Rohit Shetty.. and could be replaced by John Abraham (cool!).

The film, a comedy, was supposed to start in March with a start-to-finish schedule in Goa. Right now only Ajay bhai and Fardeen Khan (no term of endearment for him, eesh) are part of the movie.

And you know how it is in trade circles. I don’t, but my famous Vaziran does. She claims that Sanjay Duttji’s fee, because of global recession, has dropped from Rs 18 crore to Rs 4 crore. Now that’s a slash! Bua’s upset, but then she always is.

Ounce of bounce
Why she doesn’t want to remain her simple-sweet-lovable type Mottu knows not. In fact, she was rather alarmed when Amrita Rao told her that in some movie called Shortkut, she will shock the film industry.

No baby, no shocks please. Surely, she doesn’t have to do a Shilpa Shetty-kind of bounce-bounce number, no?

That’s like Mottu trying to be size-zero. I tell you really.

Wed scene
And according to informants at large, music composer Sulaiman Merchant will soon wed Reshma Malhotra, a marketing consultant, in summer (hasn’t it already arrived?).

Kid brother Salim is already married and a daddy too.

Okay, Sulaiman saab’s wedding is one event that I will surely have the temerity to attend. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 23, 2009 10:54 IST