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Oshi no Ko Episode 4: Aqua's banger performance steals the show, while secrets unravel and love blossoms

May 04, 2023 12:00 AM IST

In Oshi no Ko Episode 4, Aqua's incredible acting steals the show, while love blossoms and secrets unravel, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Fans of Oshi no Ko were treated to a riveting episode 4 titled, “Actor” that started where the last one left off. Aqua gave a performance that stunned everyone, including the viewers at home.

Fans of Oshi no Ko were captivated by Episode 4 titled "Actor," as Aqua delivered a breathtaking performance, secrets were revealed, and love blossomed.(Doga Kobo)
Fans of Oshi no Ko were captivated by Episode 4 titled "Actor," as Aqua delivered a breathtaking performance, secrets were revealed, and love blossomed.(Doga Kobo)

Aqua's ability to improvise, instigate, and direct made him an excellent actor, even though he didn't have Ai's natural talent or presence. He was instrumental in capturing one of the manga's pivotal scenes, leaving Kana to carry the emotion of the scene.

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As the episode progressed, we were given a glimpse inside Kana Arima's mind as she pondered the complexities of her acting career. Kana's passion for acting was evident as she struggled with the question of whether her success was due to her talent or the public's whim. Despite being called an "expired child star" online and feeling that she was past her prime after elementary school, Kana still clung to her dreams of acting and the entertainment industry.

The episode showcased the classic child star story of Kana, who became a hit at a young age but eventually became a has-been even before reaching adulthood. Even though she knew that the show was terrible, and the adaptation was not up to the mark, Kana was determined to give her best and make it shine. Her internal monologue was a window into her character, and her determination to give her best performance made her a fan favorite.

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Kana was the clear winner of this episode, stealing the show with her fantastic performance. The internet was abuzz with praise for Kana, and the author was relieved that her art wasn't completely butchered in the adaptation. Mangaka's perspective was particularly enlightening, as she revealed the challenges that manga artists face in the industry. Although she was happy with the episode's outcome, the industry's low expectations were a sad reality for artists. Despite the challenges, the episode was a success, thanks to Kana and Aqua's impressive acting skills.

The episode's drama was toned down, with no overreactions from the producers and fans loved how Akasaka kept it realistic. The recognition of a good performance was mild, with no viral videos or movie offers. Every character in the show felt grounded and believable, with no extreme tropes or caricature personalities.

Furthermore, a heartwarming development unfolds as Kana and Aqua's relationship evolves into a friendship. There are hints that Kana may be developing romantic feelings for Aqua, adding a layer of complexity to their dynamic. The scene of Kana falling in love with Aqua is expertly crafted, with subtle symbolism represented by the change in Aqua's eye color upon seeing Kana's tears.

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However, the episode takes a surprising turn when Aqua receives the DNA test results, revealing that the director is not his father. The director nonchalantly discloses his connection with Ai, mentioning that he helped set her up on secret dates. To uncover the truth about his biological father, Aqua contemplates joining a reality dating show, which promises to add another layer of intrigue to the plot.

As the story progresses, Ruby and Aqua begin their journey at a new school, where they encounter a cast of talented individuals from various entertainment fields. Ruby's blossoming friendship with Minami, a busty gravure model, adds a touch of excitement to their lives. However, the school's intensity and the pressure to stand out among their gifted peers create a unique atmosphere.

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Meanwhile, Frill Shiranui, a stunning and capable actress, captivates everyone with her charisma. Ruby's admiration for Frill is evident, but she struggles to gain recognition since she has yet to announce her official idol group.

The pacing of Oshi no Ko continues to impress, seamlessly combining suspense and character development within the limited time of each episode. The absence of previews and the strategic use of the ending sequence to build anticipation leave viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

In conclusion, Oshi no Ko Episode 4 delivers a stunning performance by Aqua, secrets are unveiled, and love starts to bloom. With its intricate storytelling and engaging characters, the series continues to captivate fans and we can't help but wait for the next episode.

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