Bollywood moms spill secrets

Mothers of top Bollywood actors reveal little-known secrets about their now grown-up babies. While Priyanka Chopra’s mother feels PC often turns into her mother, Kangna Ranaut's mom is a fan of her cooking.

entertainment Updated: May 12, 2013 01:22 IST
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Priyanka Chopra,Kangana Ranaut,Parineeti Chopra

Mothers of top Bollywood actors reveal little-known secrets about their now grown-up babies.

Priyanka acts like my mother sometimes

Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu says that the actor now knows how to take care of herself and the family. "Priyanka is a sensible girl. In fact, at times she behaves like my mother, and we start calling her grandma. When her father fell ill, she took control immediately. She gave the correct advice, and we listened to her. Now, I am confident that she is capable of taking care of herself and everyone in this house. Ours is more of a mother-daughter relationship, but Priyanka and her father are more like friends. She can tell him anything under the sun, and yes, that makes me a little envious. However, it is good to see such a healthy relationship between the two of them."

Kangana cooks very well

Actor Kangana Ranaut’s mother Asha shares some lesser known facts about her celebrity daughter. "Not many people know that Kangana cooks very well and writes poetry, too." The proud mom also credits the actor for making it big in Bollywood without a godfather.

“She has been hardworking since childhood. She has achieved success here (in films) on her own, and we are very happy with her achievements. We have faith in her and know that she will do very well in her career,” she says.

Parineeti is still her mama’s girl
Parineeti Chopra’s mother Reena is proud her baby hasn’t changed in all these years. “Parineeti has always been exactly the same person as she is today ... happy, chirpy, and unmindful of being judged ... a say-it-like-it-is sort of girl.” She remembers an instance from her childhood: “We were once summoned to the principal’s office and we wondered why ... it turned out that Parineeti did the entire English and Maths exams for her friend who went blank during the exam ... are you supposed to explain to a three-year-old that she was wrong in cheating for her friend or give her a big hug for coming to her friend’s rescue ... we gave innocence the benefit of the doubt.”

Sona never troubled me
Actor Sonakshi Sinha’s mother Punam says she was a very happy baby. “She did not trouble me at all. She was always papa’s baby and would ransom her brothers if they didn’t listen to her. As a child, she could not distinguish between her twin brothers Luv and Kush and would call both of them Luv-Kush bhaiya. During childhood, she would love to paint and sketch, and after finishing it she would throw it in the bin and I would pick it up and realise that she is good at arts. On my birthday, she would make cards on her own. She is a gifted child. You know, she never wanted to be an actor. And, she can’t cook at all. I tell her, ‘sasural main maar khayegi’,” says Punam.

Dia was a complete tomboy
Dia Mirza’s mother Deepa says Dia was a complete tomboy till the age of 14. “She would climb trees in our backyard to pluck fruits. She was never conscious of her looks and wasn’t fond of Barbie dolls either. I instilled in her the habit of reading before going to bed. Although every day is Mother’s Day for me, it’s nice to have that wonderful moment when your daughter pampers you.”

Varun is full of surprises
Varun Dhawan’s mother Lali says that the actor has been full of energy since childhood, and has surprised her several times. “Once, when he was just 8 years old, he went into the kitchen, chopped some vegetables and put them in a bowl of curd and served it to me and my friends saying that we must try the ‘salad’ he had made. We were really taken aback. Then, when he was 15 years old, he came home with his head shaved, leaving us stunned. He said he wanted to look different. As a child, Varun was always fond of dancing, though not as much of acting,” she shares.

First Published: May 11, 2013 16:34 IST