Celina Jaitly is in Austria with her family.
Celina Jaitly is in Austria with her family.

Celina Jaitly stresses on rehabilitation of orphaned children in pandemic

Actor Celina Jaitly says says seeing the plight of people in this pandemic is heartbreaking, especially children who have lost their parents in this crisis.
By Juhi Chakraborty
PUBLISHED ON MAY 31, 2021 06:28 PM IST

She may be far away in Austria, but Celina Jaitly has been actively helping as many people she can who approach her via social media. The actor says seeing the plight of people is heartbreaking, especially children who’ve lost their parents in this health crisis.

“The list of request is heartbreaking and sometimes gives me sleepless nights not being able to fulfil all of them — from oxygen to displaced children to ICU beds,” she says, appealing to people that, “As the pandemic rages on, many children are losing their parents, being abandoned or left to fend for themselves. If you receive any information about any child in distress, please contact the police or some organisation taking care of them.”

Jaitly, 39, who lives with her husband Peter Haag and three kids, believes that the only way we can overcome this crisis is by helping one another and realise that no help is small.

“It indeed is a dire time for our country and we must stick together and be there for each other in whatever way we can. Even small efforts of kindness can make a life-changing impact and we must make those efforts within our capability,” she urges.

The actor and philanthropist asserts that India needs to aggressively work on building a healthcare system that caters to its massive population.

“Even though it’s not an easy job, it certainly will take its own course. There’s a lot of media focus on oxygen when there’s also a clear requirement for nurses, ward attendants, doctors and medical staff. I truly believe our personal responsibility — maintaining social distancing, taking the vaccine shot, and not believing is hoodwink medications to prevent and resist Covid — is very important,” she ends.

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